Flamboro Speedway

Kris Lawrence Giving Back While Competing in Operation Green Flag at Flamboro Speedway

While a bunch of drivers have graced victory lane at Flamboro Speedway, there’s only a select few that can call themselves Frostoberfest race winners. Kris Lawrence is one of those after accomplishing the feat in October.

Now in the first Pure Stock event at the Millgrove, Ontario oval since then, he is hoping to hold the checkered flag once again.

“I’m excited to get back on track even in limited fashion,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “This pandemic is tough so I understand the restrictions but always like racing in front of fans. However after watching the first Flamboro event on GForceTV, the fans definitely will be getting a good show.”

Lawrence knows he won’t have it easy this time around, though, with several of the division’s stars set to be part of the show.

“There are a lot of really good names on the entry list for sure,” he commented. “I’m surprised that a few top guys didn’t make the entry list but there is definitely a strong field so it should be a good race.”

Last fall at Frostoberfest, he scored the pole for the first feature, leading flag-to-flag en route to winning. The second round proved to be more challenging, with Lawrence having to fight way to the front. Despite losing his right side door due a bit of contact coming through, he was able to score a runner-up to Leo Labarbera, securing the overall victory.

“Frostoberfest was my first and only win at Flamboro so this race will be a good test to see how we stack up against some of the other competition,” he commented. “With racing being so limited there is a variety of tracks being represented. There are a lot of cars I haven’t raced against so hopefully we are close when we unload because we won’t have much practice time.”

While Lawrence chases after the victory, he will be carrying the names of 77 local businesses across his team’s three racecars,

“The support local business idea just came about while I was talking with my sponsors (which are primarily small family business) and I didn’t feel I had much to offer with the lack of a real race season and no cars shows as of yet,” he explained. “But they still wanted to support me so we decided to advertise for whatever events we may get out for and worry about the money when business gets back to normal. Then a few others heard about it and we decided as a team to open it up to anyone interested just to help support people where we can.”

Lawrence says it gained more popularity than he originally anticipated, as he had to stop taking down names at the end of June to give his decal guy a chance to have them all done. His actions even attracted CTV London to come out and do an interview at their shop.

“We will be representing 77 local businesses on the teams 3 racecars,” he added. “All I’m asking for in return is when fans are allowed to come out, that they come out once and check out what stock car racing is all about.”

In the meanwhile during the quarantine period, Lawrence notes he put the racing program on hold for awhile and kept busy working on projects around the house.

“Now I’m slowly prepping the cars with the hope that we can get out to a few more races this season,” he commented. “It’s tough for everyone so hopefully everyone can stay safe and healthy and we can get back to racing like normal this year.”

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