Flamboro Speedway

Phil Givens Ready to Put on a Show at Flamboro Speedway’s Operation Green Flag

With having firsthand witnessed the hard work that has gone on behind the scenes in organizing the Operation Green Flag event at Flamboro Speedway this Saturday, July 4, it gives Phil Givens extra motivation to make this weekend a success.

“I’m excited for this race for sure,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “My fiancé Nicole has put countless hours in to make sure we have a full field and lap sponsors. I’m super thankful for John (Casale) and his family as well as Gary (Collng) and the rest of the staff for opening up and allowing the bone stocks to be on the schedule. I’ve had my car out for a few successful tests at Varney and it has speed, so it will be fun to finally see how it does against top notch competitors.”

Over the past series of weeks, Stewart has worked behind the scenes in organizing the list of pre-registered drivers, followed by ensuring payment was sent to the speedway, along with entry information. She also took on signing on-board lap sponsors, resulting in several companies throughout the racing community supporting.

In response, the entry list consists of some of the best right now in Pure Stock competition, with a range of drivers who have won invitationals and championships.

“This roster is second to none,” Givens commented. “(Jordan) Morris, (David) Rockwood, (Kris and Jo) Lawrence added with Flamboro regulars and few cars from Sunset and Peterborough, this will be a stout field and I’ll definitely have to bring my “A” game if I want to be at the front. I know we all can put on a great show and this is an awesome way to show it.”

Givens is no stranger to running up front, scoring a sixth overall finish at last year’s Frostoberfest to go along with a ninth at Sunset Speedway’s Fall Velocity. The No. 0 proved he could get the job done no matter the track or field, with checkered flags across the province.

“Last season was decent,” Givens commented. “(We) still ended up with eight victories between Varney, Sauble, and Flamboro. The playoff races were a struggle as at Frostoberfest, I had a Lap 1 incident in first feature that took us out of the running for overall winner; regrouped with a second in the second feature. Autumn Colours wasn’t good – had to qualify through the “B” feature.”

Through the past couple months during the quarantine, Givens admits that he has been keeping quiet, with a focus on work while only having the car out a couple times at Varney.

“I Worked out a sponsorship deal with Caldecott Millwright services, so I’m very excited to have Cory (McAllister) and his company on board,” he added.

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