Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Statement from Gord Bennett, Owner of Grand Bend & Varney

2020 seems to be a very trying time for everyone around the globe with “Stay at Home” orders and the every present risks to personal health and economic hardship that may come.

We are continuing to move forward behind the scenes at both the Grand Bend and the Varney race tracks with a new logo image and new branding after careful consideration and having to re-logo plus upgrade all signage at both facilities anyways.

So, New / Old speedway names with better identity to theirĀ town location while having the same core group of people and employees guiding the ship.

As of now we are not conducting any “open for business” aspects at our speedways outside of the Canadian Government guidelines and will not do so until given the go ahead when it is safe for everyone involved.

Any events / race nights in our posted 2020 season at Grand Bend International Speedway (GBIS) or Varney International Speedway (VIS) that may be cancelled due to this health situation will be put on the back end of the current track schedules after our last posted event on the September Long Weekend and commence weekly afterwards as weather and time permits us to have races.

We are also working on a post “stay at home” Government order with a new business model that will work best for racers, fans, employees and volunteers while this viral and economic issue is happening. We promise to have you the new guidelines in the next few days.

We will continue to commit to everyone involved that our team will “do everything possible” to provide a safe, economical and fun family environment moving forward so please be patient and safe during this trying and unprecedented period of our lives.

We are being bombarded with the question: When will we open and can I come practice?…….Then answer is simple, when you are allowed so are we!!!!

Again “Stay Safe” and we will see you on the other side of this world changing scenario.

We present to you:

Grand Bend International Speedway
Varney International Speedway

Chat soon, Gord.

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