Flamboro Speedway

Kyle Steckly Ready for Checkered Flags in Sophomore Campaign

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Each season, Flamboro Speedway sees a class of rookies and there always seems to be a couple that you know will be drivers to watch in the years to come. One of those competitors last season was Kyle Steckly.

After putting together a solid rookie campaign, Steckly will return to the Hamilton, Ontario-based oval in 2020.

“I think it’s going to be really good and a lot of fun,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We’re going to get lots of racing in with me, as well as my dad (Scott Steckly)’s cars, and hopefully we can get as many wins as we can and have as much fun as we can.”

Steckly was able to impress behind the wheel of his No. 24 Mustang, scoring 10 top-five’s and 13 top-10’s, including a feature victory on August 3. He also showcased his ability at Sauble Speedway, scoring a podium finish in the Beat the Heat special.

“I thought it was great,” he commented. “We weren’t really sure what to expect in coming up from the Jr. Late Model to the Mini Stock, and I progressed really well and got a heat win, then a feature win, and a top-three at an invitational up at Sauble. Hopefully we can just keep improving from last year coming into this year.”

Now heading into his second season, Steckly says being more consistent from week-to-week will be critical to improving.

“Last year, I’d be fast one week and then some weeks we’d have struggles for like three weeks and then be fast again,” he reflected. “So it’s about being more consistent and trying to be in the top-five every single week.”

As a young driver in the sport, he is always taking advantage of opportunities to learn, and that came through at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Expo. He was one of the several team members who took part in the Race 4 Trades program Mini Stock build through the weekend.

“I just learned tons of stuff from working on the car in the shop with my dad, to racing and how the car works and what to adjust to make the car better, and racing in general,” he commented. “Here again, this week, I’m learning this week in getting to work on the car and what to do to the car and all that stuff. So I think it’s a great program and hopefully gets some kids involved in the sport.”

To those who are hopeful of getting involved like himself, he says to keep working hard, and taking the time to work on the car as much as you can in the shop.

“If you don’t have a racecar, go to the track and work on cars, be around the sport as much as you can,” he added. “Always try to do something to get involved.”

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