Flamboro Speedway

Megan Mitchell Full of Positive Vibes and Excitement ahead of Rookie Campaign

The Flamboro Speedway Pure Stocks are set to have their division expand once again in 2020, as Megan Mitchell is currently preparing for her rookie campaign.

“Entering the 2020 season, I’ve got nothing but positive thoughts,” she told Short Track Musings. “I’m pretty excited. I got to run a few races last year to get some seat time and it went a lot better than I thought it would! I improved every week and I’m ready to keep making those improvements. We met some awesome drivers and built some good friendships and I’m looking forward to coming back. I think my team is going to have a very successful year!”

Mitchell says that her, along with co-driver Chase Mitchell and their family, will be focused on the goal of taking home the Rookie of the Year honors, despite knowing they have some work cut-out for them with the division always growing.

“By running a full-season and trying our luck with different set-ups, my goal is to be a top-running driver and win my first feature race in 2020,” she added. “As a female-driver, I want to succeed and show other girls that this isn’t a ‘male sport’. Us ladies can drive too!

“Aside from my goals on the track, I have another goal to recruit as many people as I can to come out and watch the races at Flamboro Speedway. I want to see our stands packed like they were in the ‘90’s!”

The division to compete in Flamboro’s Pure Stock class came simple to Mitchell, as that’s where she spent a lot time when she was younger, enjoying the races. For her, it was just a matter of time as she said it’s always been a dream since watching the class develop while she was in high school.

“Every night that my family went to the track, the Pure Stocks were my favourite division to watch,” she commented. “I loved the range of ages and skills. It seemed like it was a very competitive and fun division. It was always an awesome race. On top of that, it is an affordable division for anyone who wants to race without spending too much. I knew that was the division I wanted to start my racing career in.”

For Mitchell, an interest in racing has always been ingrained from the beginning, as she spent the first of her life in a big brick house that shared a driveway with Cayuga Speedway.

“My Dad drove race cars at Cayuga, Flamboro and Paris Speedway,” she explained. “I loved to see his photos and listen to his racing stories. To me, pulling out some VHS tapes to watch his races was so much better than watching NASCAR. As I got older, I can remember taking some of his trophies and putting them in my bedroom. I’d pretend they were mine. Pretty much everything I said and did had to do with racing.

“As I got older, my Dad got back into racing. I liked to sit in the garage with my Dad and watch him build his Thunder Car. I found it so cool to watch a normal street car get gutted and stripped and turned into a race car. I got old enough to learn how to write my name. Once I figured out how to write in cursive, my ‘autograph’ could be found all of our house. I took a sharpie to cardboard boxes, papers and books. My parents weren’t very thrilled with all of the things I’d write on- But I had to get my signature just right.”

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