Flamboro Speedway

From Highs to Lows, Eric Stewart Reflects on Bone Stock Season

While everybody wants to harp on the highs of the season, there are always certainly some lows. Eric Stewart unfortunately got to experience a bit of both in his foray behind the wheel this season.

“My thoughts on the year are all over the place,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “It was a great start at Flamboro speedway, finishing all races in the top 10. Then when I decided to make the switch to Sauble Speedway is when things started to go south. I maybe only finished three races from the start of the season there.”

The success he was able to have didn’t come easy, though, as he notes even when things were going well, he’d be spending maybe an hour in the shop going over the car, doing a bolt check and checking the fluids.

“But on bad nights, I remember one day I had to change a steering rack,” he recalled. “I’d come home from work and go right under the car to play with it. It’s a lot like other cars. People spend days to get the car ready.”

As noted, he was able to be successful at Flamboro Speedway, including a season-best seventh on May 18. Though it wasn’t the most memorable moment of the year, but rather what happened off the track.

“The best moment that came from this year would have to be the new friendships I’ve made,” he commented. “I mean most of them was because I was asking for spare tools and parts.”

It’s through those friendships and traveling that makes it hard for him to pick a favorite track, despite competing at “almost every asphalt track in Ontario.” As he notes, each track has “their moments.”

However, on the flip side, the time behind the wheel this season also shined another type of perspective brighter for him to see.

“The competition in bone stocks should be a lot closer then what it is,” he commented. “I may get hate for this, but they aren’t Bone STOCK anymore. People like to find grey areas in the rules and it’s unfair to the ones that do it the way it should be. But other then that, i’s a great place for none stop action. The mixture of talents makes it a blast.”

As we head into the 2020 season, Stewart admits that he currently does not have any plans to be behind the wheel, but rather will be crewing on the No. 89 London Recreational Racing Pro Late Model and Modified. However, if someone is looking for a fill-in, he states that he’ll be ready to fulfill the role.

For Stewart, racing has been part of his entire life, with his family having been involved in the sport for years.

“My parents both were working on hobbie cars (Canadian Vintage Modifieds),” he commented. “I’ve been around racing my whole life. It’s something you just can’t walk away from. I got behind the wheel because I was one of those fans who use to talk the talk, so I figured I better start walking the walk.

“Let me tell you, it’s a lot harder then it looks. I now have a new respect for all the drivers out there who make this sport look easy.”

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