Nick Hamill “Super Pumped” Following Title Season at Sauble Speedway

With solid consistency over the season, Nick Hamill was able to take home the Sauble Speedway Bone Stock Championship. As he reflected back on the season, he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS he was “super pumped the way the season went; couldn’t ask for a better outcome.”

Despite not reaching feature victory lane, Hamill was the perfect picture of consistency with a top-five in each of the events ran this season. As a result, he was able to edge out John Van Dyk for the glory. He also managed to hold a checkered flag, virtue of a qualifying race win near season’s end.

“Without question my favourite moment was my first ever heat win in the second last race of the season,” he said. “And then just coming short of a clean sweep on championship night due to a fuel issue with two to go in the feature.”

The title was not without hard work, as Hamill spent many nights in the shop through the summer working on the car.

“There’s no point in showing up if your going to put in the bear minimum,” he commented. “I was in the shop at least three days a week throughout the season, and more if I had to be.”

For Hamill, his interest in racing started as a kid going to the races, and wanting to be involved as he grew up.

“I started driving on a team created by Ex-Sauble owner Jason Thom,” Hamill recalled. “We built a mustang and took turns in the mini stock division. I ran part time for two more seasons. While working at the speedway for the next eight years, I ran a handful of super stock races at Sauble and Sunset before diving back into a four-cylinder in 2018.”

Now heading into the 2020 season, he says his focus will be on defending the title, while hoping to visit other tracks across the province. The class is certainly expected to grow with new drivers looking to join the fray, to which Hamill advises those youngsters to put the work in to get the results they would like to accomplish.

“Ask questions and have fun,” he added. “If you aren’t doing that then you won’t last; you won’t have fun and you won’t be successful.”

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