Steve Book Scores ACC Victory as Tyler Hawn Crowned Hot Rod Champion

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — A pair of drivers got to celebrate on Sunday night at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic. Steve Book picked up the checkered flag for the win in the feature presented by the Don Hawn Memorial Fund, while Tyler Hawn was crowned the 2019 Knightworks Design, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales Ltd OSCAAR Hot Rod Champion.

Tyler Hawn won the first heat ahead of Paul Boundy, Adam Misener, Bill Clarke, Dan Rothwell, and Ryan Cowan.

Steve Book won the second heat ahead of Jerry Broom, Adrian Foster, Billy Alderson Jr., Nick Clarke, Mike Wietzes, and Art Rodgers.

Ed Bowlby won the third heat ahead of Donny Beatty, Bob Parsons and Sean Walker. Both Dustin Kellar and Robert Robinson ran into tire issues.

There’d be a quick caution on the first heat as Broom went around on Lap 1. Meanwhile, Brandon Robertson headed down pit road with mechanical issues. Bill Clarke picked up the win ahead of Alderson Jr., Broom, Hawn, Misener, and Rodgers.

Steve Book went for the daily double ahead of Clarke, Parsons, Foster, Kellar, Robinson, and Wietzes.

Donny Beatty won the sixth heat ahead of Bowlby, Cowan, Walker, Rothwell, Boundy, and Pat MacDonald.

Come feature time, Steve Book started pole ahead of Ed Bowlby, Donny Beatty, Jerry Broom, Tyler Hawn, Bill Clarke, Billy Alderson Jr., Bob Parsons, Adrian Foster, Nick Clarke, Paul Boundy, Sean Walker, Adam Misener, Ryan Cowan, Dustin Kellar, Dan Rothwell, Robert Richardson, Mike Wietzes, Art Rodgers, and Pat MacDonald.

The first lap started off with a bang as contact on the front stretch off the drop of the green flag brought an early end to the feature efforts for Broom, Parsons, and Bill Clarke. Donny Beatty also would take a spin through the grass, while Wietzes continued despite some damage.

The second attempt to start the event would go smoother with Book leading Hawn, Bowlby and Beatty, as Alderson and Foster battled for fifth. Alderson moved into fourth on Lap 3, bringing Foster and Nick Clarke through with him to bump Beatty back to seventh ahead of Boundy.

Alderson then moved into third on Lap 6, once again bringing Foster, Clarke, Beatty, and Boundy through with him to bump Bowlby back to eighth. Kellar ran ninth ahead of Wietzes and Rothwell, with the features for McLean and Misener coming to an early end as they both made their way down pit road. Kellar continued to move forward, passing Bowlby for eighth on Lap 11.

Bowlby would then make his way down pit road on Lap 17, with the caution coming out two laps later for an incident in turn one involving Beatty, Rothwell, and MacDonald.

Foster got a good restart ahead of Hawn, Alderson, Foster, Clarke, Wietzes, Kellar, Walker, and Boundy. Kellar would then get by Weitez on Lap 26 to take over sixth.

Steve Book picked up the victory ahead of Tyler Hawn, Billy Alderson, Adrian Foster, and Nick Clarke. Dustin Kellar finished sixth, followed by Donny Beatty, Mike Wietzes, Paul Boundy, and Sean Walker. Robert Robinson finished 11th, followed by Ryan Cowan, Art Rodgers, Dan Rothwell, Pat MacDonald, Jeremy McLean, Ed Bowlby, Adam Misener, Bill Clarke, and Jerry Broom. Bob Parsons finished 21st, with Brandon Robertson failing to take the green flag due to motor issues.

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OSCAAR’s 2019 racing season is supported by several dedicated partners including Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC, Knightworks Design, Living Lighting Canada, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales Ltd., American Racer, and Grisdale Race Products.

By: Ashley McCubbin

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