Bone Stocks

Karlie Wilman Pleased with Consistent Rookie Campaign at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — Battling hard on a weekly basis, Karlie Wilman’s consistency through the 2019 Signs of Innovation Bone Stock season paid off at Sunset Speedway en route to a sixth-place finish in the year-end standings.

“It was incredible,” she commented. “I learned so much. I may not have had a win or a heat win this season, but I was happy to have the consistency every week to let me finish 6th in points. Although, it did suck we had so many rain outs; I think we lost five or six nights, but excited to return next season.”

The 2019 campaign started off well for Karlie Wilman, as she scored a 10th-place finish right off the bat on the opening night. She was then able to back that up with five more, including three eighth-place finishes.

Though while she was learning on-track, she was also having fun off the track in constantly improving the appearance of her No. 14 Bone Stock.

“At the beginning of the season, my car looked different almost every week,” she commented. “For the first like two months, my car definitely stood out since it was so bright.”

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, as certainly there were some nights with adversity. However, she showed her own perseverance behind the wheel in continuing to be determined, while proving she had a good team behind her on pit road.

“The biggest thing I learned was not to let people get to me because I may be a girl,” she said. “I have just the same right to be out there as everyone else does. I also learned what it felt like to pop a tire.”

Despite the Fall Velocity invitational still remaining on the calendar for 2019, the team has already began their focus towards next season and coming out stronger.

“I’m dreading off season already, but in 2020 I look forward to returning to the Bone Stock division with all my teammates in all new cars,” she said. “Although I’m gonna miss my cavalier with getting attached to it, unfortunately I ended up having to swap cars with a few nights left due to to many mechanical issues.

“Though now, I look forward to debuting a new car and hopefully have a better outcome with finishes and be in top-five at the end of next season.”

Throughout the season, Wilman was proud to receive sponsorship from Orillia Auto Centre, All Area Towing, The Car Guy, Orillia Buy Sell Trade, The Creative Plate Eatery, Canoe Fresh Food Market, RB Graffix, The Water Store Orillia, and Foster Motorsports for 2019.

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Press Release by Ashley McCubbin/AM Marketing –

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