Bone Stocks

Matt Boyes Caps off Season in Victory Lane; Dunlop Crowned Champion

The second season for the Signs of Innovation Bone Stocks is officially in the books, with Matt Boyes winning the final feature of 2019 as Joe Dunlop was crowned the champion.

Ryan D’Antimo won the first heat ahead of Joe Dunlop, Brandon Burnett, Aundrea Lusk, Austyn Jennett, Cheyenne Charles, and Bronica Booth.

The second heat did not go smoothly for everyone, with Jeff Laflamme getting the black flag. Matt Boyes picked up the checkered flag ahead of Scott McGregor, Andrew Shilling, Kris Inglis, and Karlie Wilman.

Ryan D’Antimo went for the daily double ahead of Dunlop, Burnett, Lusk, Jennett, Charles, and Booth.

The fourth heat did not go smoothly with three-wide between Boyes, Wilman and McGregor resulting in McGregor going around in turn two. McGregor would then go around for another spin a couple laps later, while Laflamme got the black flag for leaking fuel. Matt Boyes went for the daily double ahead of McGregor, Shilling, Peter Inglis, and Wilman.

Come feature time, Andrew Shilling started pole ahead of Karlie Wilman, Austyn Jennett, Cheyenne Charles, Aundrea Lusk, Jeff Laflamme, Joe Dunlop, Kris Inglis, Bronica Booth, Scott McGregor, Ryan D’Antimo, Matt Boyes, Brandon Burnett, and Peter Inglis.

The first attempt to start the race would not go smoothly, with Booth bringing out the caution with a spin in turn four.

The second attempt was still chaotic, but smoother with Lusk and Shilling side-by-side for the lead ahead of D’Antimo. D’Antimo moved into the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Lusk, with Shilling three-wide for third with Boyes and McGregor. Boyes and McGregor both cleared Shilling, with McGregor up to second by Lap 4. Boyes ran third, with Laflamme alongside Lusk for fourth.

Laflamme moved into fourth on Lap 5 ahead of Lusk, as Dunlop battled Burnett for sixth. Dunlop got the spot on Lap 6 ahead of Burnett, Charles, and Peter Inglis, as Shilling battled with Kris Inglis and Jennett three-wide for 10th.

Dunlop would get around Lusk for fifth, with Burnett looking to follow him through. However, the race’s second caution came out on Lap 13 for Booth going around for a second time. With eight laps to go, D’Antimo led McGregor, Boyes, Laflamme, Dunlop,  Lusk, Burnett, Charles, Peter Inglis, Kris Inglis, Jennett, Shilling, Booth and Wilman.

The first attempt at the restart produced the third caution, with Burnett going around in turn two.

The second attempt would see a battle for the lead between D’Antimo and McGregor, with D’Antimo taking a trip through the grass. D’Antimo held onto the car, slipping into the second spot, as Laflamme and Boyes battled for third. Boyes moved into third on Lap 16 ahead of Laflamme, Dunlop, Lusk, Charles, and Kris Inglis. As Jennett slowed with a mechanical problem, McGregor would go around in turn two on Lap 17 for the race’s fourth caution following contact from D’Antimo.

Boyes would inherit the lead for the restart, keeping the advantage ahead of Laflamme and Dunlop. Lusk ran fourth, with D’Antimo and McGregor back up through the traffic with three laps to go. They both continued to move forward, passing Lusk to bump her back to sixth ahead of Kris Inglis, Charles, and Peter Inglis. D’Antimo would  get alongside Dunlop for third, but went high through turns one and two losing critical ground.

Matt Boyes picked up the victory ahead of Jeff Laflamme, Joe Dunlop, Ryan D’Antimo, and Scott McGregor. Aundrea Lusk finished sixth, followed by Kris Inglis, Cheyenne Charles, Peter Inglis, and Bronica Booth. Andrew Shilling finished 11th, followed by Austyn Jennett and Karlie Wilman.

With his third-place finish, Dunlop would clinch his first career Sunset Speedway Championship.

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