Lane Zardo Gets ‘Redemption’ with Jukasa Motor Speedway Victory

HAGERSVILLE, Ontario — After coming close a couple times this season, Lane Zardo got to hold the checkered flag in victory lane on Monday at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

Starting on the front row, the third generation racer secured the lead in the opening laps of the feature, pacing himself from there en route to victory.

“I mean, I was put in a very good car, very good equipment,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I think we have one of the best body styles around and the best aero, which really doesn’t make a big deal in short track racing, but this is a big track. I think we had one of the best engines, pretty good chassis, and the best shocks. So all in all, I was given everything that I could’ve asked for to win it and in the end, it was all up to me.”

Zardo did not go unchallenged through the event, as Shawn Chenoweth closed the gap in the final laps, though was never able to get alongside for the lead. Chenoweth was the quickest qualifier with a track record and won his qualifying heat, but had to start from the tail of the field due to replacing the transmission following the 10-lap heat.

“Shawn Chenoweth had to start at the back and use up a lot of his equipment going through the race whereas I was able to preserve as much as possible,” Zardo added. “Like I said, it just really worked out. All Racing is, really, is playing Texas Hold ‘Em going 120 miles per hour.”

It was no surprise in seeing the No. 36 Ford in victory lane at the race’s conclusion, as Zardo finished the spring event at Jukasa Motor Speedway second to Trevor Collver. This time around, though, Collver crossed the finish line third behind Zardo and Chenoweth.

“He was able to get the lead, and do everything he could do as a driver to crowd me and make sure I couldn’t get the run off the corners,” Zardo reflected back. “I thought on the initial start with me starting outside pole, and he starting inside pole, okay, it’s a reverse situation so let’s see if I can hold him. But the outside had no groove whatsoever, and luckily, I was clear and was able to do a crossover down the backstretch, and it just worked out. I was able to secure the lead as early as possible, and go from there.”

There’s no rest for Zardo, as he will be hard at work in the shop this month.

“I know I got two late models that are torn apart in the race shop,” he said. “So I was supposed to go to Flamboro Speedway next weekend , and we’re trying to get my brother (Billy Zardo)’s limited late model ready for Sunset Speedway for Velocity. Like I said, we just have to take it day-by-day and hopefully get everything fixed.”

As for Monday’s race at Jukasa Motor Speedway, Brandon McFerran and Kent Nuhn rounded out the top-five, followed by Rick Verberne, Frank Davey, Jake Watson, Kris Lawrence, and Steve Cashmore.

Delaware Speedway regular Andrew Freeira was 11th, followed by Brandon McConnell, Coltin Everingham, Nick Troback, Bill Brekelmans, Roy Wilke, Tim Burke, Justin Collison, Dave Doucette, and Willie Reyns.

Jake Zevenbergen finished 21st, followed by Dennis Cybalski, Todd Davenport, Mike Weeda, Marlie Owen, and Randy Rusnell. Kathleen Green was the first car one lap down following a mid-race spin, finishing 27th, followed by Donovan Price, Paul Boundy, and Steve Ecker.

Tom Walters finished 31st, followed by Darren Thirkettle, Tyler Bouillon, Dustyn Mombourquette, and Dave McCullough. Bailey Jacobs finished 36th following a spin on the backstretch, followed by Jesse Kennedy, Dan Robb, and TJ Cochrane.

Heat victories went to Chenoweth, Zardo, Collver, and McFerran.

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