Flamboro Speedway

A.J. Emms Scores Third OSCAAR Modified Feature Victory of 2019

MILGROVE, Ontario — The Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales Ltd OSCAAR Modified points leader A.J. Emms extended his advantage on Saturday night, winning the feature at Flamboro Speedway presented by M&M Automotive & Touchwood Cabinets.

Norman Newman won the first heat ahead of Dale Reinhart, AJ Emms, Luke Gignac, and Anthony DiBello. Jase Cornell finished sixth, followed by Ken Hayward, Wally Wilson, and Craig Scott, with Mark Hamacher failing to finish.

Andy Kamrath won the second qualifier ahead of Jason Bowden, Jason Keen, Gary Elliott, and Jeff Showler. Brad Pearsall finished sixth, followed by Chad Strawn, Craig Downey, and Bryan Batty.

The third heat did not start off smoothly, with Strawn and DiBello making contact off the front row on the start, stacking up the field. With everybody jumbling for positions, contact happened mid-pack, with Batty and Cornell wrecking in turns one and two. Chad Strawn picked up the win ahead of Reinhart, Kamrath, DiBello, and Elliott. Wilson finished sixth, followed by Hamacher, with Batty and Cornell failing to finish.

Jason Keen won the fourth qualifier ahead of Gignac, Emms, Showler, and Pearsall. Hayward finished sixth, followed by Newman, Downey, Bowden, and Scott.

Come feature time, AJ Emms started pole ahead of Norman Newman, Jason Bowden, Chad Strawn, Andy Kamrath, Dale Reinhart, Jason Keen, Luke Gignac, Gary Elliott, Anthony DiBello, Brad Pearsall, Wally Wilson, Jase Cornell (in Jeff Showler’s car), Ken Hayward, Craig Downey, Mark Hamacher, Bryan Batty, and Craig Scott.

Off the drop of the green flag, Emms held the lead with Kamrath quickly moving his way up to second ahead of Newman and Bowden. However, the caution came out on Lap 3 for contact between Keen and DiBello, with DiBello spinning across the infield grass. At the same time, Batty would go around on the backstretch. With 38 laps to go, Emms led Kamrath, Newman, Bowden, Reinhart, Strawn, Keen, Gignac, Elliott, Pearsall, Wilson, Hayward, and Cornell.

Emms got a good restart ahead of Kamrath and Newman, with Reinhart up to fourth ahead of Bowden, Strawn and Gignac, as Pearsall and Keen battled for eighth ahead of Elliott, Hayward, and Downey.

Kamrath’s climb to the front was complete on Lap 7, as he’d take over the top spot ahead of Emms, with Newman still third ahead of Reinhart, Bowden, and Strawn. Reinhart continued to move forward, passing Newman for third on Lap 9, with Gignac and Pearsall side-by-side for sixth.

The leaders would reach the tail of the field with 10 laps on the board, set to begin lapping cars. Unfortunately, that did not pan out well for Kamrath, as contact with Scott would send the No. 89 around for the second caution at Lap 12. Under the yellow flag, Strawn headed pit side with a broken shock mount. As a result, Emms would be scored the leader with 29 laps on the board ahead of Reinhart, Newman, and Bowden.

The restart would produce the third caution, with Bowden going around in turn four courtesy of contact with Gignac. With both drivers moved to the tail for the restart, that’d bump Keen up to fourth ahead of Pearsall, Elliott, Downey, Hayward, Cornell, Wilson, Batty, Kamrath, Bowden, Gignac, and Hamacher.

Emms got a good restart ahead of Reinhart, Newman, Keen, Pearsall, Downey, and Elliott, with Kamrath back up to eighth before the fourth caution on Lap 15 for Hayward making contact with the turn three and four wall.

Emms got another good restart, with Reinhart still second ahead of Newman, Pearsall, Downey, Keen, Gignac, Kamrath, and Elliott. Kamrath continued to make up ground, passing Gignac for seventh on Lap 19.

The race would hit a snag when on Lap 21, Cornell had something let go, dropping fluid behind him as he went up into the turn three wall. Batty and Wilson would ultimately end up in the trail of fluid, sliding through as they made contact with the outside wall themselves.

Thankfully, all three drivers were okay – but done for the event. Between the delay in cleaning up the mess, along with the track’s curfew, it’d be announced under the red flag that the event would be shortened from its scheduled distance of 40 laps to 30 laps.

Emms got a good restart ahead of Reinhart and Pearsall, with Reinhart passing Newman for fourth on Lap 23. Craig Downey ran sixth, though was passed a lap later by Kamrath for the position. Kamrath continued to move forward in the final laps, passing Newman for fourth with five laps to go.

A.J. Emms led the rest of the way en route to the win ahead of Dale Reinhart, Brad Pearsall, Andy Kamrath, and Norman Newman. Craig Downey finished sixth, followed by Luke Gignac, Jason Keen, Gary Elliott, and Jason Bowden. Mark Hamacher finished 11th, with the following drivers failing to finish – Jase Cornell, Wally Wilson, Bryan Batty, Ken Hayward, Craig Scott, Chad Strawn, and Anthony DiBello.

The next race for the Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC OSCAAR Modifieds is the Iron Man 72 at Sunset Speedway, featuring twin-36 lap features as part of the Velocity 250 weekend on September 21 and 22. The OSCAAR Modified race weekend is presented by Quaker State and Gary Elliott Motorsports, though there are also several others who have jumped on-board to sponsor laps.

The cost to sponsor a lap is $36.00 per lap, or you can make a donation of your choice. All of the money collected will be evenly distributed to all the drivers in attendance as part of their payout. Each individual and company that sponsors the race will be recognized on social media and at the track throughout the weekend. For those interested in sponsoring a lap, please get in touch with series president Dave Gainforth via Facebook or by e-mailing him at oscaargainforth@gmail.com.

Be sure to keep up with OSCAAR by staying tuned to the series website at http://www.oscaar.ca. Also, make sure to “like” the official OSCAAR Racing Facebook page, while following both the Twitter and Instagram accounts (@OSCAARRacing) to keep up to date on everything you need to know.

OSCAAR’s 2019 racing season is supported by several dedicated partners including Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC, Knightworks Design, Living Lighting Canada, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales Ltd., American Racer, and Grisdale Race Products.

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