Race Reports

Brandon Passer Out-Duels Frank Davey in Super Stock Feature at Sunset Speedway

The fans at Sunset Speedway on Sunday were treated to a show, with Brandon Passer and Frank Davey going back and forth throughout the event. Ultimately, when the race was called due to weather, it’d be Passer picking up the win.

Frank Davey won the first heat ahead of Cory McAllister, Dan Robb, Connor James, Paul Geniole Jr., Steve Adams, Donovan Price, Tyler Boullion, and Brandon Feeney.

The second heat started with a caution on Lap 1, as Mike Weeda slid up through turns one and two, stacking up the field, causing Ethan Constable to go sideways. Contact would made, as both Constable and Brandon McFerran went around. Dustyn Mombourquette headed off the track with a mechanical issue. Coltin Everingham picked up the win ahead of Gerrit Tiemersma, Tom Walters, McFerran, Weeda, Constable, and Steve Cashmore.

The third heat wasn’t clean, either, with Brandon Passer spinning Dan Archibald on Lap 1, followed by Dave Doucette spinning Jordan Latimer a couple laps later. On the restart, Archibald would go three-wide on Paul Boundy and Ken Grubb, stacking up the field, resulting in damage to Brandon McConnell to end his qualifier early. Ken Grubb picked up the win ahead of Archibald, Latimer, Doucette, Passer, Boundy, and Fedele DiBello.

Frank Davey won the fourth heat ahead of McAllister, Geniole, Adams, Robb, Boullion, James, Price, and Feeney.

The fifth heat featured some drama, as Everingham would give Walters the bump and run off of turn four with two laps to go, with Walters turning Everingham into the wall going into turn one. Walters would be given the black flag for rough driving as a result. Brandon McFerran picked up the win ahead of Mombourquette, Constable, Tiemersma, Weeda, and Cashmore.

Brandon Passer won the final qualifier ahead of McConnell, Grubb, Doucette, Archibald, Latimer, DiBello, and Boundy.

Follow qualifying, Frank Davey started on pole ahead of Cory McAllister, Ken Grubb, Brandon McFerran, Gerrit Tiemersma, Brandon Passer, Dan Archibald, Coltin Everingham, Dave Doucette, Dan Robb, Paul Geniole Jr., Jordan Latimer, Ethan Constable, Steve Adams, Brandon McConnell, Mike Weeda, Connor James, Steve Cashmore, Fedele DiBello, Paul Boundy, Tyler Boullion, Donovan Price, Brandon Feeney, and Tom Walters.

The issues began before the green flag was flown, as DiBello headed down pit road with a problem, moving him to the tail for the start. Feeney would also pit, not taking the green as a result of overheating issues.

The drop of the green flag saw a battle for the top spot between McAllister and Davey, as McFerran and Grubb ran side-by-side for third ahead of Passer, Everingham, and Tiemersma.

McAllister moved into the lead on Lap 4 ahead of Davey, with McFerran snagging third a lap later ahead of Grubb, as Passer and Everingham battled for fifth. Passer would get the spot, getting alongside Grubb for fourth on Lap 6, as Everingham ran sixth ahead of Archibald, with Tiemersma and Robb side-by-side for eighth.

With eight laps on the board, McAllister led ahead of Davey, McFerran and Passer, with Grubb alongside Everingham for fifth. Grubb got the spot, bringing Archibald through with him. Archibald would challenge Grubb for fifth on Lap 11, with Tiemersma alongside Everingham for seventh.

The battle for the lead got interesting on Lap 12, with Davey challenging McAllister for the top spot. Davey would complete the pass a lap later, with McFerran alongside McAllister for second. The caution would then come out on Lap 15, though, for Weeda and Walters tangling in turns one and two. With 36 laps to go, Davey led McAllister, McFerran, Passer, Archibald, Grubb, Tiemersma, Everingham, Robb, Latimer, Doucette, Geniole, and Constable.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Davey and McAllister, with Passer alongside McFerran for third. McAllister would get the initial advantage on Lap 17, but Davey would be right back alongside a lap later. Behind them, Passer moved up into third, with Archibald alongside McFerran for fourth.

McAllister would take the lead solely on Lap 20, with Passer alongside Davey for second, with Archibald up to fourth ahead of McFerran, Tiemersma, Everingham, Robb, and Grubb. Davey would get the second spot on Lap 23, with Tiemersma by McFerran for fifth a lap later. Everingham continued to run sixth ahead of Robb and Grubb, with Geniole and Doucette side-by-side for 10th.

Archibald would challenge Passer for third on Lap 26, with Davey back alongside McAllister for the lead a lap later. McAllister held serve, with Passer alongside Davey for second on Lap 29. Passer got the spot, getting alongside McAllister for the lead a lap later.

McAllister would then begin to slow on Lap 31, ultimately rolling to a stop with a mechanical problem for the second caution at Lap 32. Constable pulled into the pits under the yellow flag, done for the event. With 29 laps to go, Passer led Davey, Archibald, Tiemersma, Everingham, Robb, McFerran, Grubb, Geniole, Mombourquette, Doucette, Cashmore, and McConnell.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Passer and Archibald, as Davey fell back to third, with Tiemersma and Everingham side-by-side for fourth ahead of McFerran. Passer moved into the lead on Lap 34, with Davey challenging Archibald for second. He was unable to complete the pass, though, falling back in line.

Everingham would clear Tiemersma for fourth on Lap 36, with Geniole by McFerran for sixth. Davey would get back alongside Archibald for second at Lap 37, with Geniole alongside Tiemersma for fifth, as McFerran battled Robb for seventh.

Davey would move into second ahead of Archibald, as the third caution came out on Lap 41 for James spinning off of turn four. With 10 laps to go, Passer led Davey, Archibald, Everingham, Geniole, Tiemersma, McFerran, and Robb.

Passer got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Davey, with Everingham alongside Archibald for third. Geniole ran solidly in fifth, with McFerran and Tiemersma side-by-side for sixth, as Cashmore battled Doucette for eighth. Doucette moved up into eighth on Lap 44 ahead of Cashmore and Robb.

The battle for third got interesting on Lap 45, with Geniole taking Archibald and Everingham three-wide. Contact would occur, with Geniole and Archibald getting tangled up into turn two for the fourth caution at Lap 47.

The first attempt at a restart would see DiBello go around. The second attempt at a restart would see a multi-car incident involving McFerran, McConnell, Grubb, DiBello, and Cashmore.

They would try to get the race to go back under the green flag, but the rain would become heavier, resulting in the feature being called four laps shy of the finish. Brandon Passer got the win ahead of Frank Davey, Coltin Everingham, Gerrit Tiemersma, Brandon McFerran, Dave Doucette, Steve Cashmore, and Dan Robb unofficially.

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