Bone Stocks

MAY THRU JULY OBSERVATIONS: Signs of Innovation Bone Stocks

The Signs of Innovation Bone Stocks have been experiencing steady growth since their inception at Sunset Speedway, with new drivers joining the fray each week. It has certainly allowed for new talent to rise, and reach victory lane at times this year. With just two months left in the 2019 campaign, let’s take a look at some things.

Please note that these observations DO NOT INCLUDE THE BONE INVITATIONAL FROM JULY 20.

feature wins a piece for Joe Dunlop and Ryan D’Antimo have them sitting atop the winner’s pile.

2nd was where Kyle Fetterly finished in his lone appearance this season.

3rd is the best average finish of drivers to run more than one feature, set by Dunlop and D’Antimo.

3.5 gives Phil Givens a good average in the pair of starts that he has made for 2019.

drivers have won more than a single heat this season – Scott McGregor, D’Antimo, Dunlop, and Aundrea Lusk.

competitors have won a feature this year – D’Antimo, Dunlop, Kyle Neumeister, and David Rockwood.

drivers have scored more than two feature top-five’s – James Pontentier, D’Antimo, Dunlop, and Lusk.

4.5 was the average set by Joshua Flammard after running the first two events of 2019. He did not return for anymore, though.

5th-place finishes for Mark Dennis and Jordan Morris showed they could run with Sunset’s best.

feature top-fives by Dunlop leads all drivers this season, with just one finish outside of the top-five – a sixth.

5.67 is the third-best average finish set by drivers to run more than one feature this season, set by Lusk.

heat victories by D’Antimo leads all drivers thus far.

feature top-10’s by Dunlop and Lusk mean that they’ve been perfect thus far.

competitors have scored more than three feature top-10’s, including Andrew Shilling and Karlie Wilman.

11 drivers have won a heat race this season.

17 competitors have scored a top-five feature finish this year.

19th of May marked Spring Velocity, marking Neumeister’s only points event appearance of 2019 and a victory.

21 points is all that separates Dunlop and Lusk at the top of the standings.

26 competitors have scored a top-10 feature finish this season.

27 different drivers have competed in points events this year

29th of June marked Rockwood’s first trip to Sunset Speedway, resulting in a trip to victory lane.

33 points is all that separates third through sixth in the standings, meaning there is still lots up for grabs. Cheyenne Charles currently sits atop the group ahead of Shilling, Wilman, and D’Antimo.

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