Delaware Speedway


It was a blistering Hot Friday Night at Delaware Speedway, both weather wise and action on the track!  It’s only the second appearance in 2019 of the Case N’ Drum Oil Late Models Presented by MRE, as weather had cancelled their shows since their last appearance on May 24th.

It appears Mother Nature wanted a voice in tonight’s program again, as an early night rainstorm went through the area just as the Late Models were going to qualify. Finally, the rain subsided. The combination of the hot track from the blistering Sun all day and the support of the service vehicles and Bone Stock drivers, the track was quickly dried and the racing program back underway.  The rain delay was approximately 1½ hours before returning to Green Flag racing.  Action on the track was really about to heat up.

Heat Races: First up, was Bone Stock Heat #1. Veteran Stan Cook #74, coming back from a bad wreck two weeks prior was victorious holding off Kassy Howard in the #59.

Bone Stock Heat #2 was quickly on the track, with Kris Lawrence #50 continuing his winning ways, after a terrific battle with Matt Langford in the #03

Truck Heat went to Lucas Manning # 66, coming back from a bad wreck 2 weeks ago, also holding off veteran Devon Bloemendal #01, in his first run of the season

V8 Heat went to Steve Arrand in Paul Fothergill’s potent flat black Monte Carlo #33 with a ½ second lead win over Barry Watson #45

Onto the headlining Division of the night:  The first of two 30 lap Features for the Late Models. An extremely strong 19 car field took the green with Jaden Chapman in his black and gold #13 taking the early lead. Trouble ensued on lap 2 when Matt Robblee #51 and Jeremy Taggart in his #4 connected in turn #2, with both spinning, no damage. On the restart, Tate O’Leary in his #28, spun also going into turn #2.  Caution again came out on the 2nd restart when rookie Piper Adams #70, Jeremy Taggart #4 and Paighton Jacobs #5, making her first start of the regular Friday night season, all spun.  No damage to any of the vehicles. Jake Sheridan in his #52 took the lead on lap #8 followed by Gary Adriaensen in his immaculate #55 and the Jo Lawrence #78. Another caution on lap number 12 for a spin by Rookie Steven MacVoy in #92.  The front pair of Sheridan and Lawrence fought tooth and nail for the next 6 laps, running about 8 car lengths ahead of 3rd place runner Adriaensen, Ray Morneau in his #03 and Jaden Chapman , having a great run.  Battles were happening all over the track. Last caution was on lap 18 for a spin by Stan Adams in his #3.  Last 12 laps were a torrid battle between the top 4. Lawrence was trying everything to get by Sheridan with Adriaensen and Morneau both right there! After taking the white flag, the 78 ran a “hail Mary move” going deep into turn number 3 and it stuck. Out of turn 4 they were side by side. Jo Lawrence takes the win by about 6 feet over Sheridan, Adriaensen and Morneau tucked right behind. Jason Lidster #11 ran a great race to finish in the top 5.

The D.A.D.S. Bone Stock Feature was up next. 22 cars took to the track. Jordan Willms in his #92 lead the first 4 laps before fast running Chris Medlinger took over the lead in his #75. On lap number 6 Brent Pelley moved into 2nd.  By lap number 10, it was Medlinger by 12 car lengths over Pelley. Multi-Feature winner Kris Lawrence moved into 3rd on lap number 13. By lap 18, the #75 had a 15-car length lead over the #77 with the #50 now closing in on him and getting by shortly afterwards.  On lap number 27, the caution came out for a spin in turn number 4 which dramatically closed up the field.  With 3 laps to go, Chris Medlinger held off Kris Lawrence and won by 3 car lengths for a well deserved victory.

The usually hard fight and entertaining V8 Stock / Truck feature fully lived up to its reputation and this race was no exception. Fast and Furious should be its title! 16 cars and trucks took the green led by Ryan Dyson in his #28 truck. Right from the green flag, Dyson and Bill Brekelmans #07 V8 Stock ran side by side for a couple of laps, beating and banging on each other coming down the front stretch, like bumper cars. Caution on lap #3, with vehicles connecting in turns number 3 and 4, with Dyson getting the worst of it and headed to the pits with damage. Brekelmans had the lead on the restart over favourite Barry Watson in his #45 Camaro. Ryan Dyson returns to the track but runs only 1 lap and retires to the pits for the evening. Very quick Devon Bloemendal moved into 3rd on lap 12.  Battles for every position going on throughout the entire race. Caution on lap 14 for a spin by rookie Austin Gauld in his #18 Dodge truck. Watson and Arrand now have a 10-car length by lap 18 over the Bloemendal truck. Jacob Campbell in his #44 truck comes storming to the front in the last half of the race and moves into 4th. Arrand takes over the top spot passing the #45 of Watson on lap 26. Lap number 27, Campbell moves into 3rd but with 3 laps remaining, has no chance to catch the flying front two. At the finish it was Steve Arrand in Fothergills #33 V8 Stock, Barry Watson #45 V8 Stock, Jacob Campbell in his #44 truck, Devon Bloemendal in his #01 truck and Bill Brekelmans in his #07 V8 Stock rounding out the top.

Final Feature of the evening was the Jukasa Speedway Qualifier for Late Models, for their huge Canadian Short Track Nationals on Labour Day Weekend. A win in this feature guarantees a spot in the big $75,000 to win race. 18 Case N’ Drum Oil Late Models Presented by MRE Late Models came down for the green, with Rookie of the Year Candidate Jeremy Taggart in his quick #4 leading the first lap.  By lap #2, Jaden Chapman in his #13, fresh from a strong run the first feature, powered into the lead. After a caution, the top 5 were Chapman in his #13, Jason Lidster #11 in a strong run, another strong run by the 28L of Kris Lawrence, Adriaensen in his #55 and Jo Lawrence in his #78.  On lap number 7, fast running Kris Lawrence heads to the pits, through for the night. Contact on the front straight coming out of turn number 4, took out the #4 of Jeremy Taggart, #31 of Chris Hebert and the #22 of rookie Marshall Shrenk and were all through for the night. Shrenk definitely got the worst of it as his car had to be cradled back to the pits. Lawrence moved into 2nd on lap number 14 and heads for the leader Jaden Chapman. With 10 laps to go Lawrence got to within four car lengths of the leader, but seemed to be stalled at that point. Going into the 24th lap, Jaden encountered heavy traffic which allowed Lawrence to pull with 1 car length. For the final laps Jaden Chapman held off everything Jo Lawrence had to give and roared across the finish line for an extremely popular win, his first in a Late Model. This guaranteed Chapman a starting spot in the Canadian Short Track Nationals, at Jukasa Speedway.  Rounding out the top five, was a superb, strong run by Jason Lidster in #11 in 3rd, another good run by Ray Morneau #03 in 4th and Jake Sheridan in his #52 in 5th


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