Peterborough Speedway

Ryan Oosterholt Wins Battlefield Equipment Rentals Bone Stock Feature at Peterborough Speedway

The winning continues for Ryan Oosterholt, as he picked up the win in the Battlefield Equipment Rentals Bone Stock feature on Saturday night at Peterborough Speedway.

Rob Crick won the first heat ahead of Brad Lavalle, Steve Finnegan, Jacob Kelly, Jack Hannah, Bryan Knox, Chris Heibert, the 89, and Todd Labadie.

Dave Marco won the second heat ahead of Chris Tubman, Malcolm MacDonald, Corey Strawn, Ethan Marco, Mark Griffin, Samuel Arnott, and Christen Lavalle.

Ryan Oosterholt won the third heat ahead of Angelo Novis, Sean Kennedy, Shawn Soloman, Kyle Novis, the 08, and Scott Craig.

The fourth heat did not go smoothly, with Knox and Heibert getting together on the opening lap. The caution would then come out on Lap 5 for Kelly getting into the back of Crick, sending him for a ride through the backstretch grass. Crick would be given his spot back, while Kelly was sent to the pits for rough driving. Steve Finnegan picked up the win ahead of Brad Lavalle, Crick, Labadie, Heibert, Knox, and the 89.

Dave Marco went for the daily double ahead of Tubman, Strawn, Griffin, Arnott, Ethan Marco, MacDonald, and Christen Lavalle.

The sixth heat would see Angelo Novis make significant contact with the turn one wall following contact with Soloman. Ryan Oosterholt went for the daily double ahead of Kennedy, Kyle Novis, Soloman, and the 08.

Come feature time, Brad Lavalle started pole ahead of Rob Crick, Dave Marco, Chris Tubman, Steve Finnegan, Sean Kennedy, Corey Strawn, Shawn Soloman, Kyle Novis, Ryan Oosterholt, Angelo Novis, Jack Hannah, Malcolm MacDonald, the 08, Bryan Knox, Samuel Arnott, Todd Labadie, Chris Heibert, Scott Craig, Jacob Kelly, Christen Lavalle, and the 99.

It wouldn’t take long for Dave Marco to get to the lead, as he’d do so on the second lap ahead of Brad Lavalle and Finnegan. Strawn would get alongside Finnegan for third on Lap 3, with Tubman running fifth ahead of Crick and Soloman, as Oosterholt battled Kelly for eighth. Oosterholt got the spot, passing Soloman a couple laps later for seventh.

Finnegan moved into third on Lap 7, with Tubman getting alongside Strawn for fourth. Tubman got the spot, getting by Finnegan for third three laps later. Tubman continued to move forward, getting alongside Lavalle for second.

With 12 laps complete, Marco continued to lead with Lavalle keeping second, as Strawn got back alongside Tubman for third. Strawn was unable to complete the pass, with Oosterholt taking advantage as he passed them both. He then got alongside Lavalle for second on Lap 14, completing the pass a lap later.

Lavalle now ran third ahead of Strawn, Finnegan, Tubman and Crick, with Kelly getting alongside Crick for seventh with three laps to go. He would be unable to complete the pass before the checkered flag, though.

Dave Marco would cross the finish line in first, but he was not credited the victory due to a post-race disqualification. As a result, the win went to Ryan Oosterholt ahead of Brad Lavalle, Steve Finnegan, Corey Strawn, and Chris Tubman. Rob Crick finished sixth, followed by Jacob Kelly and Shawn Soloman.

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