St. Onge Recreation Super Stocks

MAY OBSERVATIONS: St. Onge Recreation Super Stocks

Although the drivers were ready to put on a show at Sunset Speedway in the St. Onge Recreation Super Stock division, mother nature had other plans as she only allowed one feature to get put into the books, along with a single round of heats at Spring Velocity.

All that means moving forward is the drivers will be itching that much more to get to victory lane.

points separate Frank Davey and Brandon Passer at the top of the standings.

different drivers have won heat races this season – Passer, Tom Walters, Davey, Dustyn Mombourquette, and Ken Grubb.

points is all that keeps the top-five together, meaning it’s anybody game between Davey, Passer, Gerrit Tiemersma, Coltin Everingham, and Mombourquette

different drivers have finished each of the three heat races in the top-five

12 competitors have scored a heat top-five this season.

13 different drivers have earned points this season

15.470 seconds was the fastest lap posted in heat race action on May 11, set by Davey

15.697 seconds was the quickest lap posted in heat race action on May 19, set by Grubb

36 of Grubb is the only driver with more than one heat victory this season.

49 of Davey dominated opening night en route to the feature victory.

61 points is all that separates the top-10 from each other.

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