Bone Stocks

Kyle Neumeister Goes Back-To-Back at Sunset Speedway Spring Velocity

After winning the inaugural Signs of Innovation Bone Stock Championship last year at Sunset Speedway, Kyle Neumeister returned to the track on Sunday to score his second straight Spring Velocity feature victory.

Ryan D’Antimo won the first heat ahead of Gary Froude, Joe Dunlop, Phil Givens, Jeff Laflamme, Andy Wheller, and Austyn Jennett.

Kyle Neumeister won the second heat ahead of Eric Stewart, Scott McGregor, Joshua Flamard, James Pontentier, Aundrea Lusk, Karlie Wilman, Cheyenne Charles, and Andrew Shiling.

Following qualifying, Kyle Neumeister started pole ahead of Ryan D’Antimo, Gary Froude, Eric Stewart, Joe Dunlop, Scott McGregor, Phil Givens, Joshua Flamard, Jeff Laflamme, James Pontentier, Andy Wheller, Aundrea Lusk, Austyn Jennett, Karlie Wilman, Cheyenne Charles, Andrew Shiling, and Ken Inglis.

Kyle Neumeister would jump out to the early lead ahead of D’Antimo, McGregor and Stewart, with Dunlop alongside Flamard for fifth. Dunlop would get the spot, with Givens next in line to challenge Flamard for position. Stewart would then slow with a mechanical problem on Lap 4, allowing Givens to move up into fourth ahead of Dunlop, Flamard, Laflamme, Wheller and Lusk, as Froude and Inglis battled for 10th. Inglis would take the spot on Lap 8, with Froude and Wilman rounding out the top-12.

The first caution would come out on Lap 9 as a result of Laflamme going for the spin in turn two. With 12 laps to go, Neumeister led McGregor, D’Antimo, Givens, Dunlop, Flamard, Wheller, Lusk, Froude, Stewart, Laflamme, Wilman, Charles, Shiling, Jennett, Inglis, and Pontentier.

Neumeister would get a good restart to keep the lead ahead of McGregor and D’Antimo, with Givens and Dunlop rounding out the top-five ahead of Flamard. McGregor would begin to slow with a problem on Lap 12, allowing D’Antimo and Givens to move up to second and third before the second caution at Lap 13 for Inglis spinning in turn four.

Neumeister got another good restart with D’Antimo now in second ahead of Givens, Wheller, and Dunlop. Stewart ran sixth ahead of Flamard, Laflamme, Pontentier, and Lusk. Froude had himself locked down in 11th ahead of Charles, Wilman, and Shiling. The race appeared to be heading to a clean conclusion, until the caution came out with two laps to go for Inglis going around once again.

Kyle Neumeister led the rest of the way off the restart en route to scoring the victory. Ryan D’Antimo crossed the line in second, followed by Phil Givens, Andy Wheller, Joe Dunlop, and Eric Stewart. Joshua Flamard finished seventh, followed by Jeff Laflamme, James Pontentier, Aundrea Lusk, and Cheyenne Charles. Gary Froude finished 12th, followed by Karlie Wilman, Andrew Shiling, Austyn Jennett, Ken Inglis, and Scott McGregor.

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