Can-Am Midgets

Ryan Fraser Breaks Winless Streak at Sunset Speedway Spring Velocity

After going a couple years without a win, Ryan Fraser did not look back once he put the No. 94 in the lead as he led flag-to-flag en route to the victory in the T.Q. Can-Am Midget feature on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway’s Spring Velocity.

Ryan Fraser started pole, followed by Cassidy March, Cory Whittam, Brandon Zavarella, Brandon Hauck, Dominique Smith, Steve Murdock, Darren Dryden, David Miller, Brody Rickwood, Paul Harrison, Daniel Hawn, and the 89.

Fraser would lead the opening lap off of the pole ahead of March, but the caution also flew for an incident involving Harrison and the 89. Under the yellow flag, Hawn headed pit side with mechanical issues.

Fraser got a good restart to keep the lead as Zavarella jumped into second ahead of Whittam. Behind them, Hauck and Dryden ran side-by-side for fourth ahead of Murdock, Smith, March, Miller, Rickwood, and Harrison.

At the front of the field, Fraser would be challenged for the top spot by Zavarella on Lap 7, but he was unable to find a way by, forced to fall back in line. Whittam continued to run third until he was challenged for the spot by Dryden at Lap 9.

Dryden got the spot a lap later, with Hauck and Murdock following him through on Lap 13. Whittam now ran sixth ahead of Smith, March, and Miller. Whittam was able to fight back, re-passing Murdock for fifth with five laps to go. Smith would follow suit to take the sixth spot a lap later.

At the front of the field, Ryan Fraser held Brandon Zavarella at bay for the rest of the event en route to the checkered flag. Darren Dryden finished third, followed by Brandon Hauck, Cory Whittam, Dominique Smith, Cassidy March, David Miller, Brody Rickwood, and Paul Harrison. Steve Murdock finished 11th as a result of heading into the pits with three laps to go with a mechanical issue.

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