Bone Stocks


Despite wet weather playing havoc with racing schedules, Bone Stock racers have been able to lock down a pair of nights at Flamboro Speedway and Full Throttle Motor Speedway, with Sunset Speedway’s division kicking off their campaign last week.

There may only be a couple weeks in the book already, but a couple strong faces are emerging already.

1. Catching the Rule Breakers

Although the action has been exciting on-track, tech officials have been just as busy as Flamboro Speedway has already handed out a couple of disqualifications, including a year suspension for a racer.

The Bone Stocks were created for two reasons – a way to get new racers involved in the sport, while also being a cheaper alternative for those who wanted to keep racing on a budget. It’s also easy to get out of hand, as there are certainly many tricks that can be tried and played to make your car faster.

So shout-out to the officials doing the hard work making sure that’s not happening to keep the division fair, and fun for everyone.

2. The Battle of the Rookies

After some small beginnings last year, Sunset Speedway opened the 2019 campaign with 13 drivers taking the green for the first Signs of Innovation Bone Stock event of the season. Ultimately, a past Mini Stock competitor Joe Dunlop came out on top with the win for week one.

As the season continues, expect plenty of fresh faces to be picking up checkered flags as the division includes several rookie drivers. Ryan D’Antimo already proved that he is within reach of victory lane, winning both his heats and dominating the feature before a mechanical issue on the final lap.

You will also want to keep your eye on fellow Joshua Flamard and sophomore Aundrea Lusk as they rounded out the podium on Saturday night.

3. Leo Labarbera’s Strong Start

With each season under his belt at Flamboro Speedway, Leo Labarbera continues to grow as a driver, and that has shined through the first two nights of the year.

In the four features ran thus far this season, the driver of the No. 42 has scored three podiums, and an eighth. The only other driver to score more than two top-five’s this year is Bobby Mercer, and he was last year’s Ray’s Towing & Recovery Super Stock Champion.

Although he has yet to pick up a checkered flag this season, Labarbera was able to do so last year in a season that included eight top-five’s and 19 top-10’s.

4. Duguay is the Man to Beat

When it comes to the action on the tight bullring, Jeremy Duguay is emerging as the early championship favorite at Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

In the first four features ran this season, he won a pair of them to go along with finishes of second and third. He won’t have it easy, though, as Mitch Wilkins and Leandra Urbanek have also scored four top-five’s to start the season.

Duguay proved his ability last season at Full Throttle, picking up five victories, 19 top-five’s, and 25 top-10’s across the year.

5. Action Picks Up

This weekend promises to showcase the best of those in the division, as Delaware Speedway and Peterborough Speedway both open their seasons with the Bone Stocks in action.

Both tracks have proven to have some of the best talent in past years, with Peterborough featuring at least six or seven drivers every night that could reach victory lane. Although it was Ryan Oosterholt driving the No. 57 to the championship last year, he will be stepping aside as car owner Keith Parkes has received clearance to get back behind the wheel in 2019.

No matter which asphalt track you attend this weekend, though, the Bone Stocks are in action as five speedways will host events for the class.

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