Nick Tooley Scaling Back Super Stock Program Entering 2019

After picking up a couple top-10’s over last season, Nick Tooley is taking a different approach to the upcoming campaign.

“As of right now, I am only running a very limited schedule,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “Going to try out a few different tracks, get a little more knowledge about the car and how it reacts to different tracks and conditions.”

With the new objective in mind, he says their goals are focused towards him learning more as a driver, but also the team working together to more about the car and how to adapt to different tracks across the province. Ultimately, he says they put the plan together so they could get back to having fun.

The limited program could easily see success for Tooley, as he showed his ability behind the wheel last year with a third-place finish at Sunset Speedway mid-summer among the best of the business.

“The biggest thing I learned last year was that I can in fact race with the best,” he commented. “Also learned that it takes quite a bit of money in order to constantly run with the top guys.”

Now hoping to improve their program, he feels they need to take the extra step with relation to the set-up.

“We need to stay up on our changes, and record everything we do,” he added.

Seeing Tooley return in 2019 is great news, considering the division has seen a lot of flux over the past couple of years with car counts up and down across the province. But that is something that hasn’t come easy, either.

“This class has had the cost driven up so far that if you built a car yourself, you cant truly have fun anymore,” he commented. “Bring back the old days when someone could build a backyard car and still be able to compete. That’s fun.”

For Tooley, racing is something that has always been engraved in his family, and was passed along to him through his grandpa and father.

“My poppa was a huge race fan growing up, and my dad started when he was young,” he commented. “When I was 14, I had my first car on the track. All before I even had a license to drive on the road.”

Through his years of experience behind the wheel, he says the most memorable moment was the third-place finish last summer.

“Going from a mid pack car, to finally getting a decent setup and being able to run up front is a great feeling,” he commented. “Especially when I could back it up a few weeks later until a racing incident took me out of second spot.”

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