Tim Van Oostveen Ready to Tour across Ontario

Looking to get into a touring series, Tim Van Oostveen started looking into what class would be best suited for the endeavor. The Knightworks Design OSCAAR Hot Rod Series came up in the search, and caught his attention.

Now after racing street stocks for a couple years and seeing the growth ahead of the campaign, he’s one of the rookie drivers that will be on track for 2019.

“So far we’ve got over 40 cars registered so I’m pretty excited for it,” he said. “I’ve never done a traveling series before, so this will be interesting. Always wanted to do one, though.”

Knowing it will be his rookie campaign, he is keeping his goals in perspective.

“There’s a lot of good drivers and a lot of skilled drivers, so it’ll be hard to win – but that’ll be the main goal,” he said. “For now, it’s pretty much to keep up to the fast guys.”

Speed will be the name of the game, especially when the series takes to Jukasa Motor Speedway on two different occasions – June 1 and August 31.

“When I seen that track go up, I was like, ‘Oh man….,’” Van Oostveen recalled. “Then I found out the OSCAAR Series races there, I was like, ‘That looks fun,’ because it’s fast and new. Plus, it’s always been a track that everyone talks about being known as Canada’s crown jewel. With all the work done to it, it looks absolutely amazing.”

Van Oostveen is currently in the process of building a 1952 Pontiac Chieftain.

“I went with this style because at the time, no one had a car similar and I wanted something that nobody had,” he commented. “But, as more cars are coming and people have different styles, it’s getting pretty close.”

For Van Oostveen, his love for racing developed by going to Sauble Speedway and Full Throttle Motor Speedway when he was younger with family.

“I figured to race you had to be someone special,” he said. “Then I found out pretty much as long as you have a car, you can show up and go racing. I looked online for cars and at the time, I saw the Voltzwagen that was winning all the time at Sauble. So being young, I thought if I bought a Voltzwagen I’d be fast too, but that wasn’t the case. I bought the car, but I wasn’t too fast at the beginning – but I learnt over time.”

It hasn’t been a smooth ride the whole way, though, as the most memorable moment of his racing career dates back to when he was 16, rolling his car over at Full Throttle.

“I was going into the corner and overtaking someone and he bumped into the side of me, and I lost the control of my car,” he recalled. “The grass was so slippery, and I was going right for the bump, and I hit the bump and the car flipped right over on its side with all the momentum.”

For those looking to get behind the wheel like him, he says the biggest piece of advice he can offer is “do it because it’s fun, but be prepared to spend a decent of money.”


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