Flamboro Speedway

Wendy Adams Hoping to Build off Last Season at Flamboro

After making the move to Flamboro Speedway’s ever-competitive Mini Stock division in 2018, Wendy Adams will return to the Hamilton, Ontario-based oval this season.

“We are going back to Flamboro Speedway for our second season and looking for an improvement from where we left off,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We made a lot of changes during the 2018 season that made us better. Since last year was my first time ever on this track, it was an adjustment in learning the track and trusting how far we could push the car.”

Heading into the year, she says that they’re looking to be top-10 contenders, and seeing how far they can go from there. Her team has been putting in the work through the off-season, looking for changes they can make to the car to be stronger. Beyond that, she says it’ll be critical for her “as the driver to push even harder.”

The benefit of entering a second season at a track is that the task should come easier, given the lessons learned from last year.

“During the season I had to learn the track and where the car holds best, but I also had to figure out how hard I could push the car,” she commented. “In the last three weeks of racing in 2018 I figured out how to get in and out of the corners to push my times down, even running with three brakes on the last night and controlling the car.”

Also to enable a stronger performance, she says the team has been focusing on finding ways to make the car lighter “without jeopardizing safety,” knowing they’re slightly heavy compared to the minimum weight required per the rule book.

“The setup is in the car and we continue to do more adjustments to help improve on time and handling,” she says.

Ultimately, the task to improve is no easy feat, given the level of competition right now with the class, seeing Flamboro boast up to 20 cars on some nights throughout 2018.

“The Mini Stock class continues to get more competitive each year and we always looking at way to keep up but it’s getting further away from the stock class it started as,” she noted. “It is no longer an entry level class, good or bad that is what the class has become.”

Outside of Flamboro, she is planning to attend some of the big events as well, running the Mini Stock event at Jukasa Motor Speedway in July, as well as the Velocity 250 at Sunset Speedway in September.

For Adams, her interest in racing grew as a child going to Barrie Speedway each weekend. However, she didn’t get her chance until her brother offered his car in 2007.

“But I needed some training, so I took the Racing School offered at Barrie Speedway,” she recalled. “In 2008, I had the opportunity to get into my brother’s car and race at Barrie Speedway and loved it, but it was only about five races. In 2010, my husband and I started looking for a car but took until the fall of 2011 to find a good car and bought it. My first season of racing was in 2012 at Sunset Speedway. It’s been a dream come true with the support of my husband every day.”

Although she has yet to reach victory lane – and knows that’ll be an awesome achievement when it happens, she has been able to experience other memorable moments through the past eight years.

“During a heat race I lead for eight laps then started before losing grip which is as close as I got,” she commented. “But in the 2018 season, I started pole in a feature and led for almost three laps before being taken out which was a great achievement for me and my race team.”


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