Great Lakes Concrete Series

BY THE NUMBERS: Great Lakes Concrete Series Late Models

While Rick Spencer-Walt was crowned the 2018 Great Lakes Concrete Series Late Model Champion, there were plenty of drivers who had success over the course of this past season.

of the events (the last two) used heats to set the starting line-up, while the others used time trails. As a result, six qualifying races were ran.

heat victories for Benedict made him the only driver to win more than one this year

different drivers won 75-lap races – Rick Spencer-Walt, Jordan Lawrence and Danny Benedict

3.5 was the best average finish, set by Lawrence

3.6 was the second-best average finish, set by Benedict. Notably, he missed one of the races this year

competitors finished top-five in over half of the events – Spencer-Walt, Lawrence, Benedict, and Gord Shepherd

4.5 was the third-best average finish, set by Shepherd.

4.667 was the fourth-best average finish, set by Spencer-Walt

top-five’s by Spencer-Walt and Lawrence led all drivers this season

5 competitors won a heat race – Nick Goetz, Taylor Holdaway, Benedict, Parker, and Lane Zardo

features were ran across two race tracks – Sunset Speedway and Sauble Speedway

top-10’s by Lawrence, Benedict and Shepherd meant they finished each event well

competitors scored at least five top-10’s – Lawrence, Benedict, Shepherd, Spencer-Walt, Parker, and Dwayne Baker

10 drivers picked up a top-five result

21 competitors scored a top-10 finish

24 of Lawrence got to experience victory lane on July 12 at Sauble

28 different faces were behind the wheel across the season

31 of Spencer-Walt led all drivers in feature victories, meaning he won half of the events ran

54 of Benedict won the final two races on the calendar, both at Sunset

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