Great Lakes Concrete Series

BY THE NUMBERS: Great Lakes Concrete Series Super Stocks

While Kris Lawrence was crowned the 2018 Great Lakes Concrete Series Super Stock Champion, there were plenty of drivers who had success over the course of this past season.

was the best average finish, set by Andy Kamrath, as he won the only event he entered

feature victories for Kris Lawrence makes him the only driver to win more than one race

heat wins for Treyten Lapcevich, Coltin Everingham, and Lawrence led all drivers

3.5 was the second-best average finish, set by Lawrence, across all six features

competitors placed in the top-10 in more than half of the events – Lawrence, Gerrit Tiemersma, Ken Grubb, and Herb Walters.

4.333 was the third-best average finish, set by Lapcevich, across the three features he entered

4.667 was the fourth-best average finish, set by Stefan Semeraro and Brandon Passer, across the three events ran each

different drivers won a feature – Lapcevich, Tiemersma, Lawrence, Matt Bentley, and Kamrath

competitors placed in the top-five in at least half of the events – Lawrence, Grubb, Tiemersma, Brandon Passer, and Walters.

5.5 was the sixth-best average finish, set by Justin Holmes, after running the last two races on the schedule

features were ran across two speedways – Sunset Speedway and Sauble Speedway

top-10’s for Lawrence make him the only driver to finish each event in the top-10

12 drivers won a heat race

15 competitors scored at least one top-five

26 drivers picked up at least one top-10

28 of Lawrence led all drivers with five top-five finishes

38 different faces ran at least one race

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