Flamboro Speedway


This past season, Brian WIlson put together a successful season across the province of Ontario, placing second in the year-end Full Throttle Motor Speedway points standings, along with winning a feature during Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest weekend. Recently, Wilson shared his thoughts with SHORT TRACK MUSINGS on Full Throttle and more.

SHORT TRACK MUSINGS: What are your thoughts on the season?

BRIAN WILSON: I thought it was actually great. All of the people that we raced with normally at Varney are great people. Everybody has fun, and enjoys what we do; it’s why I keep coming back.

STM: What was the most memorable moment?

BRIAN: All season long I said if there was one race I was going to win, it’d be the end of season race, and I did it. That always seems to be the race that everybody is looking at, there to watch, see what happens, and I always thought that was the one to win.

STM: We’ve seen Full Throttle Motor Speedway continuing to grow. What are your thoughts on the competition level as of right now?

BRIAN: It’s really growing. Like in the Mini Stock class that I run in, I don’t know if we can add more – obviously other than Andy Kamrath coming, but we have Cory Young, Scott Mast, Cory McAllister is one of the fastest guys. Everybody that runs there runs very clean, and there are all kinds of competition. We had 12 different winners this year; everything is pretty close. Last year, I went a whole season at Varney without a single dent.

STM: That’s surprising to hear, given how tight the track looks with the bowl shape.

BRIAN: It used to be that way, but I don’t know what really changed. I don’t know if it’s the people in the cars, or when they made it wider on the backstraightaway, or maybe it’s less cars. I mean, we were down to eight cars in the class one night, but we’ve also been above 20. There’s really not a whole lot of crashing or banging; there’s some but that’ll happen anywhere you go.

STM: Every track struggled at times this year, but it’s nice to hear the growth…

BRIAN: Anybody that has come has enjoyed it. A lot of people say it’s a great place to race at because there’s two lanes, and some guys prefer the outside, some guys prefer the inside. It’s really good.

STM: So after this year’s success, what can you share leading us into 2019?

BRIAN: Next year, I think it’s going to be a little bit more limited. But I think we’re going to try and get my son racing next year and I’ll probably do that. We’re still going to have the same amount of cars going. This year we had Paul Boyd one, Tommy Robb drove for awhile – who knows, we may have a bunch of people in it.

STM: How did you get started originally?

BRIAN: My dad started years ago. He worked with a guy who raced, and all the guy would talk about at work was racing. So my dad decided to try it, and ever since i was a kid, we had a racecar and went to the track. I kind of followed along in his footsteps.

STM: What’s been your most memorable racing moment?

BRIAN: I think back when we ran street stocks, my dad quit so I could drive. Then I got old enough to pay for my racecar so we had cool so we thought it’d be cool on the long weekend, when we’d race Saturday and Sunday, he’d win one and I’d win the other. That happened twice that year.

STM: Alrighty. That is all the questions so thank you very much for doing this, and I will add that it was nice seeing you at Frostoberfest…

BRIAN: That event always bites me somehow, and I think it was last year I won the first one and then crashed in the second one; same thing. One of the years it has to turn around. As long as guys like Mike Schmidt support things like that, I’ll show up to support them.

STM: For sure. It’s always great to see drivers out supporting events, and tracks growing.

BRIAN: We’ve had enough of them disappear. We don’t need anymore.


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