Flamboro Speedway

Jake Watson Calls 2018 Campaign “A Season to Remember”

Competing in two different divisions throughout the 2018 season, Jake Watson experienced success at both ends of the spectrum.

“2018 was definitely a season to remember for sure,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the season. Capturing four feature wins in the Mini Stock and four in the Super Stock is what made the season so memorable.”

At Flamboro Speedway, the youngster was given the chance to share the Shawn Chenoweth’s No. 89C Super Stock with Andy Kamrath.

“To be given the chance to run a Super Stock for Shawn was definitely a great opportunity for me to get my feet wet in something other than a mini stock,” he said. “It meant a lot to go out there and prove I got what it takes to go out and win in a regular basis. And I feel like I did a good enough job to live up to Shawn’s, and my expectations.”

Watson was successful throughout the summer, scoring four feature wins, even while admitting that there was a lot of pressure to perform.

“Both of those guys have had so much success in this sport,” he added. “Both of them gave me a lot of pointers and tips to get me to where I am now.”

The success was there with the family owned No. 88 Mustang Mini Stock, as well, as Watson visited victory lane on four different times during the season.

“I think my biggest highlight of running the mini stock was every weekend we went out,” he said. “There isn’t really just one highlight I can point out. We went out and did our best and never went a weekend without one win.”

Having ran the mini stock through the years, he says the biggest challenge in making the step up to the super stocks was the competition level.

“The amount of competition that was out there on track week in and week out was definitely hard to race against,” he said. “The biggest difference between the Super Stock to the Mini Stock would definitely be the handling of the cars. They are so different it took me a while to figure it out.”

Watson would go onto add through his experience this year, he feels racing in Ontario is headed in the right direction.

“The sport in general has had a couple rough years, but I finally think that all the tracks throughout Ontario are going in the right direction,” he commented.

His own plans for 2019, though, remain up in the air as he admits he and his father Wade Watson are unsure what they’re doing yet, but will be “running the Mini Stock somewhere at some point throughout the season. We are also looking to move up in classes at some point as well.”


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