Coltin Everingham Enjoying “Surreal Feeling” of Being Sunset Champion

This past season, Coltin Everingham put together one of the most impressive seasons at Sunset Speedway en route to winning both the track St. Onge Recreation Super Stock Championship, and the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division II title.

“It was a really good year,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “The team and I worked our butts off to do as many races as possible and support as many tracks as possible! We’re excited for what 2019 has in store.”

Consistency across the season was key for Everingham, as he scored 10 feature top-five’s and 14 feature top-10’s, with an average finish of 4.21 on record at season’s end. That said, the championship battle still came down to the last night with the points gap within five point at year’s end, as the top-four remained close throughout the season. It’s worth noting that Everingham, Brandon Passer, Justin Holmes, and Stefan Semeraro finished every race in the top-10 from May to September.

“The competition level was huge,” Everingham commented. “There was ten of us who could win any given night! Not one person in the top ten wasn’t capable of winning, which made it absolutely amazing to race!”

The year was filled for success, though for Everingham, the memorable moments that stand out include the pair of feature wins.

“The feature win’s and starting from the back majority of the time was the best part about it,” he said. “Also too wining the championship was probably the best part, considering how hard we worked all year!”

It is worth noting that the success didn’t come overnight, but through hard work and dedication as fans at the speedway have watched Everingham continue to get better each season.

“Its a surreal feeling,” he added. “Racing against guys like Brandon Passer and Justin Holmes all year was a blast! Growing up with the both of them and duking it out on the track together was absolutely remarkable!”

The success comes from having a core group of guys in his corner each week, highlighted by Shaun McWhirter, who has helped the Everingham racing program grow tremendously over the past couple years.

“It’s absolutely amazing having both Shaun and my Dad in my corner,” he said. “My dad has learned so much from Shaun and continues to learn from him! I’m truly blessed!”

Looking back, he says the championship has’t truly sunk in yet, and “probably won’t until after the banquet.” That said, it hasn’t taken away from their focus moving forward as discussions have already began about 2019.

“We’re hoping to come back and depend the championship and than see how 2020 plans out,” he said. “We are looking at a few different ideas out there but haven’t set things in stone yet!”

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