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BY THE NUMBERS: Signs of Innovation Mini Stocks

While Daniel Montanari walked away with the 2018 Signs of Innovation Sunset Speedway Championship, there were plenty of drivers who had success over the course of this past season.

feature wins for Dylan Holmes matches perfectly with his car number.

2.07 was Daniel Montanari’s average finish on the way to the championship.

2.93 was the second-best average finish of the season, set by Tyler Seaboyer.

was the third-best average finish of the year, set by Samantha Shaw.

competitors scored more than 13 feature top-fives – Montanari, Shaw, and Seaboyer.

3.8 was the average finish for Mike Robinson Jr. across his five starts this season.

drivers won five or more heats this season – Holmes, Montanari, Shaw, and Seaboyer.

competitors finished in the top-10 in each of the features this year – Holmes, Montanari, Shaw, and Seaboyer.

4.6 was the fourth-best average finish of the year, set by Holmes.

6 unique faces won a feature this season.

drivers scored more than 10 feature top-10’s this year.

of Montanari visited feature victory lane six times this past year to lead all drivers.

11 unique faces won a heat this year.

15 feature top-fives for Montanari led all drivers this year, as his worst finish was fifth on July 21. Other than that, he finished in the top-three every other night.

15 drivers scored a feature top-five this year.

22 heat wins by Montanari led all drivers. To put that in perspective, the 2018 champion won 73 percent of the heats that he ran.

23 of Seaboyer had a break-out year with three feature victories.

23 competitors scored a feature top-10 this year.

26 drivers ran at least one race.

35 of Andy Kamrath ran a single event this year – and oh yeah, he won it for a feature victory.

81 of Shaw won the season opener to start off her campaign on a high note.

95 of Robinson Jr. thrilled fans with two trips to feature victory lane for Lightening McQueen.

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