Flamboro Speedway

Kamrath and Chenoweth Top Mini Stock & Super Stock Frostoberfest Qualifiers

London Recreational Racing will be leading both the first Mini Stock and first Super Stock feature to the green flag when Frostoberfest kicks back up at Flamboro Speedway after the quick times set by their drivers.

Andy Kamrath set the quick time for the Mini Stocks at 17.720 seconds ahead of Will Gibbons, Pat MacDonald, Wayde Thorne, Dylan Sharpe, David Gallinger, Jake Gilbert, Shawn Taylor, Billy Schwartzenburg, Brian Wilson, Gary Jones, Samantha Shaw, Jonathan Ayrton, Karl Sault, Erik Dalla Riva, Alex Hastie, Mark Klotz, Matt Young, Jason Tolton, Cory McAllister, Tom Eckenswille, Andrea Parsons, and John Istead. These 24 drivers are locked into the field for the event.

The b-main will see Dave Watchorn start pole ahead of Kyle DaSilva, Gillian Hils, Tyler Lewis, Mike Hooper, Mark DaSilva, Ken Townsend, Mark Thorne, Chris Pendlebury, and Calvin Gordon. When this event is run, the top-six drivers will transfer to the main event.

Shawn Chenoweth set the quick time for the super stocks at 16.297 seconds ahead of Ken Grubb, Carson Nagy, Brad Collison, Matt Bentley, Justin Collison, Randy Rusnell, Coltin Everingham, Bobby Mercer, Steve Book, Kevin Gallant, Steve Adams, Dan Archibald, Jerry Broom, Nick Clarke, AJ Miller, Rodney Rutherford, and Kevin Nicol. These drivers are all locked into the show via speed.

The twin 50 lap features were originally scheduled to run on Sunday, September 30, however the event was postponed due to rain. Instead, the double features will be run on Saturday, October 13. The drivers will start the event as listed above when the event resumes. If a driver does not return, everybody will move up a spot on the grid; essentially for the mini stocks, if a qualified driver does not return, the first non-locked in driver gets bumped in. Additionally, if any new drivers show up, they will start behind those who have qualified their way in.


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