Daniel Hawn Remains Undefeated at Sunset Speedway

The OSCAAR Pro Sprints put three features in the books this season at Sunset Speedway, with the same winner at the end of each of those as Daniel Hawn swept the year at the Innisfil, Ontario oval.

The first feature of Velocity 250 weekend saw Rob Summers start pole ahead of Shawn Stanley, Gary Triska, Bill Hetherton, Larry Westwood, Ryan Battliana, Jaden Riddell, James Stanley, Daniel Hawn, and Norman Newman.

Summers grabbed the early lead, with Hawn working his way up to second by the end of the first lap ahead of Shawn Stanley. Hawn would then take the lead, with Battilana and Stanley side-by-side for second. Battilana took the runner-up spot on Lap 3 with Riddell up to third ahead of Summers, Newman, Shawn Stanley, and James Stanley. Newman would get alongside Summers for fourth on Lap 5, with the Stanleys side-by-side behind them. Unfortunately, Newman ran into a problem that would send him pit side on Lap 7, allowing Summers to keep fourth now ahead of James Stanley and Shawn Stanley. James continued his climb forward, passing Summers for fourth on Lap 8. The race’s lone caution would fly on Lap 9 for Shawn Stanley running into problems in turn two. Under the yellow flag, Hetherton ran into an issue, ending his race early.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Daniel Hawn and Ryan Battilana, with Daniel Hawn coming out on top at the checkered flag ahead of Ryan Battilana. Jaden Riddell made his way around James Stanley with three laps to go for third, with Shawn Stanley rounding out the top-five. Rob Summers finished sixth, followed by Larry Westwood, Gary Triska, Steven Harwood, Bill Hetherton, and Norman Newman.

Come time for the second feature, Larry Westwood started pole ahead of Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Jaden Riddell, James Stanley, Ryan Battliana, Gary Triska, Daniel Hawn, Steven Harwood, and Norman Newman.

Battliana would grab the lead on the opening lap, with Hawn moving into second ahead of Shawn Stanley. Hawn would then get alongside Battliana for the lead on Lap 2, taking the top spot a lap later with Riddell up to third. Riddell would then make his way by Battliana to move into second, as Newman made his way up to fourth by Lap 4. The shuffling continued, though, with James Stanley passing Newman for fourth a lap later.

Daniel Hawn would cruise to the victory ahead of Jaden Riddell, Ryan Battliana, James Stanley, Norman Newman, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Gary Triska, Larry Westwood, and Steven Harwood.

By Ashley McCubbin

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