Great Lakes Concrete Series

Danny Benedict Notches Another Victory at Sunset Speedway

Danny Benedict keeps adding to his win count as he won Sunday’s Great Lakes Concrete Series 75 at Sunset Speedway for the Late Models.

Nick Goetz won the first heat ahead of Travis Hallyburton, Gord Shepherd, Jordan Lawrence, Dwayne Baker, Marvin Freiburger, Thayne Hallyburton, Chris McIssac, and Chris Alderice.

Jason Parker won the second heat ahead of Rick Spencer-Walt, Danny Benedict, Travis Hallyburton, Lane Zardo, Taylor Holdaway, and Ernie Fumerton.

Come feature time, Jason Parker started on pole ahead of Nick Goetz, Travis Hallyburton, Rick Spencer-Walt, Gord Shepherd, Danny Benedict, Jordan Lawrence, T.J. Edwards, Dwayne Baker, Lane Zardo, Marvin Freiburger, Taylor Holdaway, Thayne Hallyburton, Ernie Fumerton, Chris McIssac, and Chris Alderice.

Parker and Goetz would battle side-by-side for the lead initially, with Spencer-Walt and Travis Hallyburton side-by-side for third. Parker would get the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Goetz, with Spencer-Walt getting third ahead of Benedict and Hallyburton a lap later. Unfortunately, Goetz’s early strong run was cut short as he’d run into mechanical issues on Lap 4, bringing out the first caution. With 71 laps to go, Parker led Spencer-Walt, Benedict, Hallyburton, Shephered, Lawrence, Baker, Edwards, Zardo, Holdaway, Thayne Hallyburton, Freiburger, Fumerton, McIssac, and Alderice.

The first restart saw the return of the yellow flag as Spencer-Walt was called on jumping. The second was clean, with Parker leading ahead of Spencer-Walt, Benedict, Shepherd, and Travis Hallyburton. Spencer-Walt would get alongside Parker for the lead on Lap 7, with Shepherd getting alongside Benedict for third a lap later. Spencer-Walt took the lead on Lap 11, with Shepherd getting alongside Parker for second ahead of Benedict, as Hallyburton and Lawrence battled for fifth. Shepherd would move into second on Lap 16, with Benedict following him through to bump Parker back to fourth. Behind them, Lawrence ran fifth ahead of Hallyburton, Baker, Thayne Hallyburton, Zardo, Edwards, Holdaway, Freiburger, Fumerton, McIssac, and Alderice. The field ran single-file through the beginning portion of the event, with only a pass from Lawrence on Parker at Lap 30 for fourth spicing things up.

With 31 laps on the board, Spencer-Walt led a close train that had Shepherd and Benedict in toe. A little bit of distance back to the next group with Lawrence leading Parker, Travis Hallyburton, Baker, Thayne Hallyburton, Zardo, Edwards, Holdaway, Fumerton, and Freiburger. The small train at the front would shuffle just past halfway, with Benedict getting alongside Shepherd for second. Benedict would take the top spot on Lap 40, with Travis passing Parker for fifth a lap later. It didn’t take Benedict long to get alongside Spencer-Walt for the lead, as he’d take the top spot on Lap 45. Spencer-Walt now ran second, followed by Shepherd, Lawrence, Travis, Baker, Parker, Zardo, Holdaway, Fumerton, Edwards, and Freiburger. Fumerton would get alongside Holdaway for ninth at Lap 55, completing the pass three laps later. Lawrence also fell back a couple spots, getting passed by Travis at Lap 64, followed by Baker four laps later.

Danny Benedict would cruise home to take the victory, while eyes focused on the battle for second as the pair remained side-by-side through the final 30 laps. Rick Spencer-Walt would edge Gord Shepherd at the line to get the spot, with Travis Hallyburton finishing fourth ahead of Dwayne Baker, Jordan Lawrence, Lane Zardo, Jason Parker, Ernie Fumerton, Taylor Holdaway, T.J. Edwards, and Marvin Freiburger.

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