Great Lakes Concrete Series

Kris Lawrence Extends Great Lakes Advantage with Feature Victory

Kris Lawrence will enter the last round of the Great Lakes Concrete Series for the Super Stocks with a healthy lead after scoring the feature victory on Sunday at Sunset Speedway.

Coltin Everingham won the first heat ahead of Frank Davey, Justin Holmes, Ken Grubb, Miles Tyson, Jake Zevenbergen, Robbie Sikes, Travis McLean, and Kris Lawrence, with Lawrence going for a spin on the last lap.

Brandon Passer won the second heat ahead of Gerrit Tiemersma, Ryan Semple, Stefan Semeraro, Herb Walters, Dave Doucette, Carson Nagy, Larry Mackenzie, and Paul Pepper.

Justin Holmes won the third heat ahead of Grubb, Lawrence, Davey, Everingham, Tyson, Sikes, Zevenbergen, and McLean.

Dave Doucette won the fourth heat ahead of Semple, Walters, Nagy, Tiemersma, Mackenzie, and Pepper.

Come feature time, Carson Nagy started pole ahead of Kris Lawrence, Herb Walters, Ken Grubb, Gerrit Tiemersma, Frank Davey, Brandon Passer, Ryan Semple, Justin Holmes, Coltin Everingham, Dave Doucette, Miles Tyson, Robbie Sikes, Travis McLean, Paul Pepper, Stefan Semeraro, and Larry Mackenzie.

Lawrence would grab the lead off the drop of the green flag ahead of Nagy and Grubb, with Grubb getting alongside Nagy for second ahead of Tiemersma and Davey as Passer and Semple battled for sixth. Grubb got the runner-up spot on Lap 4, with Tiemerma following him through to bump Nagy back to fourth. Davey would get alongside Nagy for fourth the following lap, as Semple cleared Passer for sixth.

There were battles through the field with Tiemersma getting alongside Grubb for second on Lap 7, but the caution would fly for Walters having a flat tire. With 43 laps to go, Lawrence led Grubb, Tiemersma, Nagy, Davey, Semple, Passer, Holmes, Doucette, Everingham, Tyson, Semeraro, Sikes, Mackenzie, McLean, Pepper, and Walters.

Lawrence would get a good restart with Grubb and Tiemersma side-by-side for second. Tiemersma would get the spot on Lap 9, with Semple moving up into fourth ahead of Davey as Passer and Holmes battled for sixth. Semple would get alongside Grubb for third, taking the spot on Lap 12. Grubb now ran fourth ahead of Davey and Passer, with Doucette and Nagy side-by-side for seventh as Pepper made his way into the pits. Doucette would clear Semeraro, but that battle wasn’t quite over. Semeraro would tag Doucette, causing a chain reaction that resulted in Holmes going around following a nudge from Nagy for the caution at Lap 15. The yellow flag featured a bizarre incident with the clean up truck hitting the push truck in turn three and four, but all was able to continue without issue.

Lawrence held the lead once again with Semple and Tiemersma side-by-side for second ahead of Grubb and Davey. The battle wouldn’t go smoothly there either, as contact entering turn three sent Semple around, collecting Nagy in the process; both Semple and Nagy were done with heavy damage. Following a lengthy red flag to clean up the wreck, the restart would come with 32 laps to go with Lawrence leading Grubb, Davey, Passer, Doucette, Semeraro, Walters, Holmes, Sikes, McLean, Tiemersma, and Tyson.

Lawrence got a good restart to keep Grubb at bay, with Passer and Davey side-by-side for third ahead of Doucette. However, the fourth caution would come out on Lap 20 for Tyson stopping on the frontstretch with an issue. With 30 laps to go, Lawrence led Grubb, Passer, Davey, Doucette, Semeraro, Walters, Holmes, Tiemersma, and McLean.

Lawrence held serve as he had done so far this race ahead of Grubb and Davey, with Passer in fourth as Doucette and Semeraro battled for fifth ahead of Holmes, Tiemersma, and Walters. Walters would get alongside Tiemersma for eighth on Lap 24, as McLean rounded out the top-10. Doucette would clear Semeraro for the spot at the halfway mark, but slowed two laps later and brought out the fifth caution on Lap 27 with an issue.

This restart would actually a good side-by-side battle between Lawrence and Grubb, with Davey third as Semeraro and Passer battled for fourth. Grubb would take the top spot on Lap 30 ahead of Lawrence and Davey, with the battle for fourth continuing ahead of Holmes, Walters, Tiemersma, and McLean. Walters would get alongside Holmes for sixth at Lap 33, taking the spot a lap later. Tiemersma would follow through three laps later to take seventh, just before the sixth caution at Lap 38 for McLean going for a spin. Under the yellow flag, Holmes would drive off the track, done for the event.

This time, the restart would go in Lawrence’s favor as he took the top spot ahead of Grubb, with Passer and Davey side-by-side for third, as Semeraro and Walters battled for fifth. Davey got the third spot on Lap 41 ahead of Passer and Semeraro, but Walters would get right back alongside Semeraro a lap later. Behind them, Tiemersma and McLean rounded out the cars remaining on-track.

Kris Lawrence scored the victory ahead of Ken Grubb, Frank Davey, Brandon Passer, Herb Walters, Stefan Semeraro, Gerrit Tiemersma, and Travis McLean.


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