Jukasa Speedway

Bubba Pollard Scores Canadian Nationals Victory at Jukasa Motor Speedway

Taking the lead mid-race, Georgia native Bubba Pollard held off the field en route to scoring the $50,000 payday with the victory in the first annual Canadian Short Track Nationals at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

Michigan native Carson Hocevar set the quick time in qualifying at 18.166 seconds ahead of 2017 APC Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario Champion Brandon Watson (18.274), Michigan’s Johnny VanDoorn (18.315), Quebec’s Raphael Lessard (18.338), and past NASCAR Pinty’s Series race winner Jason Hathaway (18.340). Bubba Pollard qualified sixth ahead of Jordan Sims, Patrick Laperle, Brian Campbell, and J.R. Fitzpatrick. Jordan Lawrence qualified 11th, followed by Martin Latulippe, Harold Fair, Matt Pritiko, Kyle Reid, Derek Ramstorm, Shae Gemmel, Jesse Kennedy, Treyten Lapcevich, and Wes Griffith Jr. Rick Spencer-Walt qualified 21st, followed by Shawn McGlynn, Nick Goetz, Cole Powell, Jaxson Jacobs, Cayden Lapcevich, Kent Vincent, Brandon Verhoeven, Jake Sheridan and Lane Zardo.

Only the top-30 were locked in via speeds, meaning that the rest were sent to the last chance. This would include Billy Schwartzenburg, Matthew Shirley, Steve Laking, Matt Box, Steve Arrand, David Elliott, Patrick Freel, Taylor Holdaway, Andrew Gresel, Brady Smith, Josh Stade, Paighton Jacobs, James Horner, and Trevor Monaghan. The 10-lap race would go smoothly at the front, but as to be expected, the battle for the last transfer spot got interesting. While running 10th, Jacobs got sideways off of turn four before making contact with the wall, causing heavy damage to her car.

Then on the last lap, Monaghan made contact with Gresel to complete the pass for the final transfer spot. Billy Schwartzenburg picked up the win ahead of Matthew Shirley, Steve Laking, Matt Box, David Elliott, Patrick Freel, Brady Smith, Steve Arrand, Taylor Holdaway and Trevor Monaghan. Unfortunately, Andrew Gresel, James Horner, Paighton Jacobs, and Josh Stade were sent home early.

Come feature time, Brandon Watson grabbed the early advantage ahead of Carson Hocevar, Raphael Lessard, Johnny VanDoorn, Jason Hathaway, Bubba Pollard, Patrick Laperle, Jordan Sims, and Brian Campbell. Campbell would get alongside Sims for eighth on Lap 5, completing the pass a lap later as J.R. Fitzpatrick rounded out the top-10. Pollard also began to move forward, passing Hathaway for fifth on Lap 8, as Fitzpatrick and Reid both got by Sims. Campbell would get alongside Laperle for seventh at Lap 12, with Reid alongside Fitzpatrick. However, the caution would fly one lap later for Vincent getting into the turn two wall. With 192 laps to go, Watson led Lessard, Hocevar, VanDoorn, Pollard, Hathaway, Laperle, Campbell, Reid, Fitzpatrick, Sims, Martin Latulippe, Jordan Lawrence, Harold Fair, Jesse Kennedy, Shae Gemmell, Treyten Lapcevich, Shawn McGlynn, Derek Ramstorm, Cole Powell, Cayden Lapcevich, Rick Spencer-Walt, Jaxson Jacobs, Brandon Verhoeven, and Nick Goetz.

With caution laps counting for the first 175 laps, the restart came at Lap 19 with Watson holding serve ahead of Lessard, Hocevar, and VanDoorn. VanDoorn would get alongside Hocevar at Lap 21, with the pair making contact, causing VanDoorn to slow with a problem. With 177 laps to go, Watson led Lessard, Hocevar, Hathaway, Pollard, Laperle, Reid, Campbell, Fitzpatrick, Latulippe, Lawrence, Gemmell, Gibbons, McGlynn, Sims, Fair, Cayden Lapcevich, Matt Pritiko, Treyten Lapcevich, Ramstorm, Jacobs, Spencer-Walt, Jake Sheridan, Verhoeven, Goetz, Billy Schwartzenburg, and Lane Zardo.

The green would fly at Lap 29, though the yellow flag came right back out two laps later as McGlynn and David Elliott both made contact with the wall. The second attempt to restart the race at Lap 39 went smoother with Watson leading as Lessard and Laperle battled for second ahead of Hathaway. Laperle got the spot on Lap 41, with the caution coming out two laps later for Hocevar slowing in turn two with a problem. With 139 laps to go, Watson led Laperle, Lessard, Hathaway, Pollard, Reid, Fitzpatrick, Latulippe, Reid, Gemmell, Fair, Lawrence, Treyten Lapcevich, Cayden Lapcevich, Ramstorm, Jacobs, Sheridan, Powell, and Spencer-Walt.

The restart would come at Lap 49 with Watson continuing to lead ahead of Laperle with Hathaway alongside Lessard for third. Lessard got the spot, with Reid challenging Hathaway for fourth. Lessard would then challenge Laperle for second at Lap 55, but was unable to complete the pass. Hathaway held off Reid’s challenge, with Pollard running sixth ahead of Campbell, Gemmell, and Lawrence. Lessard would complete the pass on Laparle for second at Lap 57, with Pollard challenging Reid for fourth. Reid held off the challenge from Pollard, with Fitzpatrick now alongside Hathaway for sixth. Hathaway held off the challenge, with Campbell getting by Fitzpatrick for seventh with 140 laps to go. Fitzpatrick now ran eighth ahead of Gemmell, Lawrence, and Treyten Laspcevich.

Campbell continued moving forweard, challenging Hathaway for sixth at Lap 62, completing the pass one lap later. Pollard was also finally able to get by Reid, taking the fourth spot on Lap 65, with Campbell sixth ahead of Fitzpatrick, Gemmell, Lawrence, Lapcevich, and Sims. The fifth caution then came out on Lap 72 for Fair running into problems. The yellow was extended into a lengthy red flag to clean up gear oil laid down around the track, courtesy of Freel. Under the yellow flag, both Spencer-Walt and Laking made pit stops. With 128 laps to go, Watson led Lessard, Laperle, Pollard, Reid, Campbell, Hathaway, Fitzpatrick, Gemmell, Lawrence, Lapcevich, Sims, Cayden Lapcevich, Sheridan, Zardo, and Powell.

The restart would come at Lap 74 with Watson holding serve ahead of Lessard, as Pollard challenged Laperle for third. Pollard got the spot a lap later, bringing Campbell through with him to bump Laperle back to fifth ahead of Reid, Hathaway, and Gemmell. Reid would then challenge Laperle for fifth, but that wouldn’t go well as Reid went around for a spin at Lap 81 for the sixth caution. Under caution, Spencer-Walt brought his car down pit road, done for the event. With 119 laps to go, Watson led Lessard, Pollard, Campbell, Campbell, Laperle, Hathaway, Gemmell, Fitzpatrick, Treyten Lapcevich, Sims, Powell, Ramstorm, Verhoeven, Hocevar, Sheridan, Lawrence, Schwartzenburg, Taylor Holdaway, Kennedy, Jacobs, McGlynn, Pritiko, Steve Arrand, Elliott, Zardo, and Weston Griffith Jr.

The Lap 86 restart saw a battle for the lead between Watson and Lessard, with Lessard grabbing the top spot two laps later as Pollard followed him through for second. Watson now ran third ahead of Campbell, Hathaway, and Hocevar. The seventh caution came out at Lap 95 for Lapcevich turning Laking on the backstretch. This would serve as the halfway break, with teams given five minutes to re-fuel, change tires, and making chassis adjustments.

Lessard would get a good restart at Lap 97 ahead of Pollard, Watson, Hathaway, Campbell and Hocevar as Gemmell and Treyten Lapcevich ran side-by-side for seventh. The eighth caution would then come out at Lap 103 for Verhoeven and Kennedy getting tangled up together in turn four. With 97 laps to go, Lessard led Pollard, Watson, Hathaway, Campbell, Hocevar, Laperle, Lapcevich, Gemmell, Fitzpatrick, Sims, Ramstorm, Powell, Sheridan, Lawrence, Pritiko, Schwartzenburg, Holdaway, McGlynn, Elliott, Reid, Griffth Jr., Cayden Lapcevich, Goetz, Smith, Zardo, Arrand, and Shirley.

Lessard would hold serve ahead of Pollard and Hocevar, with Hathaway in fourth ahead of Watson, Treyten Lapcevich, Campbell, Laperle, Fitzpatrick, Ramstorm and Gemmell as Sheridan and Pritiko went side-by-side for 12th. Pritiko got the spot on Lap 111 ahead of Sheridan, with Sims and Powell side-by-side for 14th. Campbell would look to challenge Lapcevich for sixth, when the ninth caution came out on Lap 113 for Jacobs and Box getting together in turn one.

Lessard got another good restart at Lap 126, but the caution came back out two laps later for debris. The race would hit an ugly stretch here as on the Lap 131 restart, contact would happen off of turn four, causing a pile-up that involved Goetz, Arrand, Smith, Kennedy, and Griffth Jr. The third attempt to restart the race, coming at Lap 140, went cleanly with Lessard holding serve as Hocevar battled Pollard for second. Pollard held off the challenge, getting by Lessard three laps later to take over the top spot. Lessard now ran second ahead of Hocevar as Hathaway and Watson battled for fourth. Watson got the spot on Lap 147 ahead of Hathaway, Laperle, Fitzpatrick, Campbell, and Lapcevich. Hocevar would challenge Lessard for second, but was unable to complete the pass. Campbell, however, passed Fitzpatrick to move up to seventh, getting alongside Laperle for sixth with 48 laps to go as Hocevar challenged Lessard once again.

Hocevar’s persistence paid off as he would move up into the second position at Lap 156 ahead of Lessard, Watson, Campbell, Fitzpatrick, Laperle, Hathaway, Lapcevich, Ramstorm, Pritiko, Gemmell, Sheridan, Holdaway, Lawrence, Reid, and Powell. The strong run for Hathaway would come to an end at Lap 168 as he blew a tire, slamming into the turn three wall for the 12th caution. Thankfully, Hathaway was uninjured in the incident.

The restart would come with 24 laps to go as caution laps were no longer being counted due to reaching Lap 175, with Pollard holding serve ahead of Hocevar as Lessard and Watson battled for third. Watson got the spot with 21 laps to go ahead of Lessard, with Fitzpatrick fifth as Laperle and Campbell battled for seventh ahead of Ramstorm. The battle further back, though, was where the action happened as Sims would spin around Goetz entering turn three for the 13th caution at Lap 180.

With 20 laps to go, Pollard got another good restart as the KBR teammates of Hocevar and Lessard battled for second. Lessard got the spot on Lap 181 ahead of Hocevar and Watson, with Laperle and Fitzpatrick side-by-side for fifth ahead of Campbell and Ramstorm. Hocevar wasn’t about to go down without a fight, though, getting back alongside Lessard for second with 15 laps to go, as the battle for fifth continued. Laperle would finally clear Fitzpatrick for fifth at Lap 192, with the caution flying a lap later due to Lessard having a flat tire and slowing in turn one.

Bubba Pollard got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Carson Hocevar, Brian Campbell, Patrick Laperle, and J.R. Fitzpatrick.

Unofficial Canadian Short Track Nationals Pro Late Model Results

Pos # Driver
1 26 Bubba Pollard
2 14 Carson Hocevar
3 47 Brian Campbell
4 91 Patrick Laperle
5 84 JR Fitzpatrick
6 9 Brandon Watson
7 35 Derek Ramstrom
8 3 Shae Gemmell
9 21 Matt Pritiko
10 41 Taylor Holdaway
11 76 Cayden Lapcevich
12 32 Treyten Lapcevich
13 52 Jake Sheridan
14 73 Cole Powell
15 86 Billy Schwartzenburg
16 42 Kyle Reid
17 47 Jordan Sims
18 23 Shawn McGlynn
19 36 David Elliott
20 7 Branden Verhoeven
21 82 Steve Arrand
22 12 Matthew Shirley
23 24 Nick Goetz
24 27 Matt Box
25 46 Lane Zardo
26 44 Steve Laking
27 20 Raphael Lessard
28 33 Wes Griffith Jr.
29 22 Jo Lawrence
30 10 Jesse Kennedy
31 3 Jason Hathaway
32 39 Brady Smith
33 96 Jaxson Jacobs
34 31 Rick Spencer-Walt
35 18 Patrick Freel
36 71f Harold Fair
37 84qc Martin Latulippe
38 71 Johnny VanDoorn
39 8 Kent Vincent
40 04 Trevor Monaghan


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