Jukasa Speedway

Andy Kamrath Dominates Saugeen Shores 50 at Jukasa Motor Speedway

Starting on pole, Andy Kamrath led every lap en route to a dominating victory in the Saugeen Shores 50 at Jukasa Motor Speedway on Sunday night.

Andy Kamrath qualified first followed by Kris Lawrence, Tom Walters, Brandon McFerran, Gary Adriaensen, Dave Doucette, Coltin Everingham, Nick Troback, Jake Zevenbergen, Chris Reid, Andrew Freeira, Rick Verberne, Mike Weeda, Lane Zardo, Pete Shepherd, Randy Rusnell, Kenny McNicol Jr., Trevor Collver, Brandon Passer, Frank Davey, Jamie Klumper, Jake Zevenbergen, Tim Burke, Dennis Cybalski, Steve Cashmore, Vaughn Lawrence, Todd Davenport, Rick Hay, Paul Boundy, Donovan Price, Marlie Owen, Larry Mackenzie, Jason Lidster, Robbie Sikes, Dan Archibald, and Paul Maltese. Notably, both Walters and Weeda would not start the race where they qualified due to adjustments post-qualifying.

Off the drop of the green, Kamrath took the early lead ahead of Lawrence, McFerran, Adriaensen, Everingham, Lake, Doucette, Troback, Freeira, and Reid. Adriaensen would get alongside McFerran for third on Lap 5, completing the pass a lap later as Everingham continued to run fifth. Further back, Verberne made his way around Reid for 10th at Lap 8, with Shepherd in 12th ahead of McNicol, Zardo, Nagy, and Collver. Passer would then make his way by Collver for 16th at Lap 10, with Rusnell in 18th ahead of Zevenbergen and Davey. The shuffling continued deep in the field with Passer continuing to move forward as he made his way up to 14th by Lap 17 ahead of Zardo, Collver, and Nagy. Nagy would try to pass Collver for 16th, but was unable to complete the pass.

Just outside of the top-five, things heated up on Lap 18 with Troback getting alongside Doucette for seventh, but was unable to complete the pass. Instead, Freeira moved up into eighth three laps later, with Troback now ninth ahead of Verberne and Reid. Freeira would then get alongside Doucette just before the halfway mark, as Troback ran ninth ahead of Verberne, Reid, McNicol, Passer, Shepherd, Zardo and Collver with Rusnell and Nagy side-by-side for 17th. Doucette would hold off the challenge from Freeira, with Freeira falling back to ninth after being passed by Verberne. Troback now ran 10th, with Passer alongside Reid for 11th.

As the laps ticked down, battles could be found around the 5/8-mile with Everingham getting alongside McFerran for fourth at Lap 31. Everingham was unable to complete the pass, instead being passed by Zevenbergen a lap later. The race’s first caution would then fly on Lap 33 for Owen going around for a spin in turns one and two. With 17 laps to go, Kamrath led Lawrence, Adriaensen, McFerran, Lake, Zevenbergen, Everingham, Doucette, Verberne, Freeira, Passer, McNicol, and Troback.

Kamrath would get a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Lawrence, Adriaensen and Lake, with McNicol and McFerran side-by-side for fifth. McNicol got the spot on Lap 36, with Everingham challenging McFerran for sixth a lap later. Everingham got the spot with 10 laps to go, bringing Passer through with him to bump McFerran back to seventh ahead of Verberne, Freeira, and McNicol as Doucette and Collver ran side-by-side for 11th. Freeira would challenge Verberne for eighth, but was unable to complete the pass. Passer’s climb also continued as he got alongside Everingham for sixth with three laps to go.

Andy Kamrath picked up the victory with Kris Lawrence second. Gary Adriaensen and Darrell Lake crossed the finish line in third and fourth, but were both disqualified post-race in technical inspection. This would give Brandon Passer third ahead of Coltin Everingham, Brandon McFerran, Rick Verberne, Andrew Freeira, Kenny McNicol Jr., Lane Zardo, Dave Doucette, Trevor Collver, Randy Rusnell, Nick Troback, Pete Shepherd, Chris Reid, Frank Davey, Vaughan Lawrence, Jamie Klumper, Tim Burke, Jason Lidster, Rick Hay, Jake Zevenbergen, Dan Archibald, Dennis Cybalski, Todd Davenport, Marlie Owen, Robbie Sikes, Jerry Broom, Paul Boundy, Nic Ramsay, Carson Nagy, Steve Cashmore, Larry Mackenzie, Tom Walters, Donovan Price, Paul Maltese, and Mike Weeda.


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