Bone Stocks

Nathan Hawkins Scores Bone Stock Victory at Sunset Speedway

With Kyle Neumeister away for the weekend, the crew decided to play and did in style with Nathan Hawkins driving the No. 92 to victory lane.

Nathan Hawkins won the first heat ahead of the Gary Foude, the 13, Chris Johnston, Aundrea Lusk, Peter Inglis, Conor Maltese, and Brandon Burnett, who pulled off the first lap with a problem.

Chris Johnston won the second heat ahead of Peter Inglis, Foude, Hawkins, Kris Inglis, Lusk, the 13, and Maltese.

Come feature time, the race didn’t start out smoothly as Maltese would go for a spin on the opening lap in turn two, collecting Kris inglis in the process.

There’d be an early battle for the lead, but once Nathan Hawkins got out front, there was no stopping him as he cruised to the win ahead of Peter Inglis. The battle for third was intense, with close quarter contact racing off of turn four in the late stages as Gary Foude got the spot over Chris Johnston. Chris Allard drove Burnett’s car home to a fifth, followed by Lusk and the 13.

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