Bone Stocks

Chris Johnston Scores Bone Stock Victory at Sunset Speedway

The Grassroots Performance Bone Stocks got their fourth different feature winner when Chris Johnston grabbed the checkered flag on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway.

Johnston won the first heat ahead of Kyle Neumeister, the 48z, the 48, Kris Inglis, Aundrea Lusk, and Connor Maltese.

Kyle Neumeister crossed the line first in the second heat, but the victory was given to Kris Inglis. Maltese crossed the line in third, followed by Lusk, the 48, and X as both Johnson and the 48z ran into problems.

Come feature time, Connor Maltese started on pole ahead of Kris Inglis, Aundrea Lusk, Chris Johnston, the 48, the 48z, Kyle Neumeister, and the X. inglis and Maltese ran side-by-side for the opening lap, but it was Johnston taking the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Inglis and Maltese as the X was given the mechanical black flag.

Neumeister made his way forward immediately, passing Maltese for third on Lap 3. Maltese now ran fourth ahead of the 48z, Lusk, and the 48. Neumeister would try to make his way around Inglis with one lap to go, but was unable to.

Chris Johnston scored the win ahead of Kris Inglis, Kyle Neumeister, the 48z, Connor Maltese, Aundrea Lusk, the 48, and the X.

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