Race Reports

Danny Benedict Scores Second Straight Victory in Style

In another classic finish that fans will be talking about for weeks, Danny Benedict scored his second straight feature victory of the 2018 season.

Gord Shepherd won the first heat ahead of Paul Maltese, Billy Zardo, Taylor Holdaway, Mike Wilkinson, Nic Montanari, and Lorne Quackenbush.

Nick Goetz won the second heat ahead of Danny Benedict, Ernie Fumerton, Kendra Adams, Ron Quesnelle, and Connor James.

Taylor Holdaway won the third heat ahead of Gord Shepherd, Billy Zardo, Paul Maltese, Nic Montanari, Mike Wilkinson, and Lorne Quackenbush.

Nick Goetz went for the daily double ahead of Danny Benedict, Ron Quesnelle, Kendra Adams, Connor James, and Ernie Fumerton.

Come feature time, everything came right down to the very last lap at the front of the field between two of the division’s heavy-weight competitors. Going back and forth, Danny Benedict would edge out Nick Goetz by 0.225 seconds for his fifth victory of the season, and a second in a row. Notably, they’ve both been upfront weekly as Benedict has 12 top-fives while Goetz has 11.

Though the man they’re chasing in the standings wasn’t far behind as Gord Shepherd finished third after starting deep in the field for his 10th straight podium finish. Taylor Holdaway placed fourth for his fifth top-five in nine starts thus far this year, while Ron Quesnelle rounded out the top-five for his eighth of the season.

Paul Maltese came back to finish sixth despite contact mid-race with another car, followed by Connor James, Mike Wilkinson, Ernie Fumerton, Kendra Adams, Lorne Quakenbush, Billy Zardo, and Nic Montanari.


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