Kawartha Speedway

Noah Korner Scores Legends Victory at Kawartha on Friday Night

In the first round of the Canadian Legend Nationals at Kawartha Speedway, it’d be Noah Korner picking up the win.

Following one set of heats, it’d be Cole Ledson starting pole ahead of Josh Indig, Dave Riopelle, Cole McFadden, Alex McCallum, Nick Ledson, Noah Korner, Matt Haufe, Joe Adams, Parker Traves, Luke Atkins, Dawson Drimmie, Mark Griffin, Shane Pullock, Rick Eades, Don Arnott, Jeff Forsey, Howard Bentley, Andrew Massey, Hyden Brown, the 8, and Terry McCelland.

Cole Ledson grabbed the early advantage ahead of Riopelle and Nick Ledson. Riopelle didn’t let him get away, though, getting alongside for the top spot on Lap 2. Riopelle then took it on Lap 3, with Nick Ledson getting alongside Cole Ledson for second. Nick got the spot on Lap 4, with Korner moving up into third, as Haufe got alongside Cole for the fourth spot.

The shuffling continued with Nick Ledson taking the top spot on Lap 6 ahead of Korner, Riopelle, Cole Ledson, and McCallum. As they were lapping the 8, Riopelle was able to get alongside Korner for second on Lap 8. That didn’t last long as Korner passed him right back a lap later, with Haufe following him through.

The race’s first caution would come out on Lap 11 when Cole Ledson ran into trouble in turn two. With 14 laps to go, Nick Ledson led Noah Korner, Matt Haufe, Dave Riopelle, Cole Ledson, Alex McCallum, Josh Indig, Joe Adams, Parker Traves, Luke Atkins, Mark Griffin, Shane Pullock, Rick Eades, Don Arnott, Howard Bentley, Andrew Massey, Jeff Forsey, and Cole McFadden.

Nick Ledson got a good restart to keep the lead as Korner and Haufe battled for second. Haufe got the spot, getting alongside Ledson for the lead a lap later. Haufe then took the top spot on Lap 14, bringing Korner through with him to bump Ledson back to third ahead of Riopelle, McCallum, Cole Ledson, Indig, Traves, and McCelland. McCelland continued to move forward, passing Traves for eighth at Lap 17, bringing McFadden through with him.

There’d be a change for the lead at Lap 18 with Korner taking the top spot ahead of Haufe and Nick Ledson. Haufe would get back alongside Korner a lap later, taking the lead back with five laps to go. The trading continued as Korner got back by Haufe on Lap 21, with Ledson passing Haufe for second.

Noah Korners picked up the win ahead of Matt Haufe, Nick Ledson, Alex McCallum, Dave Riopelle, Cole Ledson, Joe Adams, Josh Indig, Cole McFadden, Jeff Forsey, Terry McCelland, Parker Traves, Luke Atkins, and Mark Griffin.

Notably, Noah Korners put together another impressive performance at Peterborough Speedway on Saturday night to be crowned the 2018 Canadian Legends Nationals Champion.

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