Flamboro Speedway

Kevin Albers Ready to Carry Momentum Into Second Half of Season

After coming close to reaching victory lane over the past couple of weekends, the pieces finally came together for Kevin Albers on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway as he picked up the feature win.

“So far our season has started off really well,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “The car has had good speed in it. We’ve been able to get to the front in every race we’ve run. Finishes have been 2nd, 4th,2nd and 2nd. We’d love to get a win before long but we’re not complaining about the results so far.”

Now heading into the back half of the season, Albers leads the Grisdale Race Products Pro Late Model standings by 12 points over Matt Lockwood.

“For the second half of the season we plan on doing the same things we have been doing so far,” he said. “The plan is to bring the best prepared car we can to the track each night and finish in victory Lane. Were sitting on top of the points right now so obviously we’d like to stay in that spot until the end of the season as well. Ultimately, we will be a little disappointed if we don’t get a win or two before the season is up. But we try not to put any more pressure on ourselves than we really need to.”

Even though he feels that the program that his team has put together is as strong as ever and knows they can run door-to-door with anybody on-track, he recognizes that there are places they can improve to be perfect from here on out.

“Getting into some marquee races down the stretch, such as the Gold Rush at Flamboro or Labour Day Weekend at Jukasa will be a good judge of our capabilities,” he noted. “But the bulk of the work in the shop and on race day falls on myself and my brother Craig’s shoulders. So it’s a tough thing to go up against some of the teams that have more manpower than we do. If we had a few more crew members I think we might be more inclined to compete in APC races and other higher talent pool races. But as a whole, being a small operation is partially a strength as well, because we know exactly who is responsible for everything that gets done on the car, and who to blame when things don’t go as planned.”

Being well prepared will be key down the stretch, as the competition doesn’t look to be slowing down either. The speedway currently plays host to a slew of rookies and veterans every weekend, with 22 cars starting the feature this past Saturday night.

“The teams running up front weekly are not anyone to take lightly. It’s a great mix of young up and comers and tough veterans of the division,” he said. “You have to work for every position on the track. Hudson Nagy and Blair Wickett are both young guys but they are as good as anyone at Flamboro right now. Adding them to names like JR Fitzpatrick, Mike Bentley and Mark Burbridge who have been running up front for many years, and you have a pretty stellar field to race against every week. The team that goes home with a championship this year will be able to hold their heads really high over what they accomplish.

“I think any race fan will really be missing out on a great field to watch if they don’t come to Flamboro and watch it with their own eyes this season once or twice at least.

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