Bone Stocks

Peter Inglis Scores Second Straight Bone Stock Victory

For the second straight weekend in a row, Peter Inglis would visit Sunset Speedway’s Grassroots Performance Bone Stock victory lane at the end of the feature.

The night didn’t start out smoothly as Aundrea Lusk went around on Lap 1 in turn one, followed by Kris Inglis spinning in turn four on Lap 4. Peter Inglis won ahead of the 77, Brandon Burnett, Connor Maltese, Kris Inglis, and Lusk.

The second heat wasn’t much smoother with Kris Inglis going around on Lap 1 and Lap 3, followed by Maltese spinning on Lap 8. Peter Inglis went for the daily double ahead of the 77, Burnett, Lusk, Maltese, and Kris inglis.

Come feature time, Peter Inglis and the 77 battled for the lead on the opening lap, with the 77 leading the second circuit ahead of Inglis, Burnett, and Maltese. Inglis would challenge once again for the lead on Lap 3, taking one lap later.

Peter Inglis then led the rest of the way to take the win ahead of Brandon Burnett and Connor Maltese. The 77 would finish fourth after getting tangled up with Kris Inglis on the last lap on the backstretch. Aundrea Lusk placed fifth ahead of Kris Inglis.

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