Kawartha Speedway

Peter Inglis Scores Bone Stock Kawartha Speedway Victory

Taking the lead in the beginning, Peter Inglis didn’t look back en route to winning the Bone Stock feature at Kawartha Speedway on Friday night.

The event started off with Jeremy Kelly winning the first heat ahead of Brad Lavalle, Peter Inglis, Jake Kelly, Steve McNevin, and Mitch Cook.

Kyle Fetterly won the second heat ahead of Ryan Oosterholt, Rob Crick, Pops MacDonald, Raymond Boundy, Stephen Finnegan, and Glen Harrington.

Corey Strawn won the third heat ahead of Chris Tubman, Kenny Ohno, Jassen Whyte, Tom Eckenswiller, Ben Gruntz, and Jack Hannah.

Kyle Fetterly went for the daily double ahead of Jeremy Kelly, Inglis, MacDonald and Finnegan.

Ryan Oosterholt won the fifth heat ahead of Strawn, Tubman, Eckenwiller, Hannah, Crick, and Boundy.

Jake Kelly won the sixth heat ahead of Lavalle, Hannah, Ohno, Whyte, Gruntz, and McNevin.

Come feature time, Peter Inglis jumped out to the early lead ahead of Ryan Oosterholt, Jeremy Kelly, Chris Tubman, Kyle Fetterly, and Corey Strawn. The field would get strung out single file mostly following the opening stretch, but Strawn was able to make his way alongside Fetterly for fifth at Lap 12 ahead of Jack Hannah and Tom Eckenswiller, as Lavalle battled Jake Kelly for eighth.

The battle for the lead was set to get interesting at Lap 14, with Oosterholt getting alongside Inglis for the top spot. However, the caution would fly a lap later for Gruntz slowing with a problem.

Inglis got a good restart to keep the top spot ahead of Oosterholt and Jeremy Kelly, as Strawn and Fetterly battled for fifth. Behind them, Tubman ran sixth ahead of Eckenswiller and Lavalle. Strawn got the spot on Lap 18 ahead of Fetterly, looking for third on Kelly a lap later.

Peter Inglis led the rest of the way to score the win ahead of Ryan Oosterholt, Corey Strawn, Jeremy Kelly, and Chris Tubman. Tom Eckenswiller finished sixth, followed by Kyle Fetterly, Brad Lavalle, Jassen Whyte, and Kenny Ohno. Jake Kelly finished 11th, followed by Pops MacDonald, Rob Crick, Jack Hannah, Raymond Boundy, the 62, the 10, Ben Gruntz, Glen Harrington, Mitch Cook, and Scott Brooks.

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