Kawartha Speedway

Matt Haufe Scores Legend Victory at Kawartha Speedway

In the prelude to the Canadian Nationals next month, it’d be a familiar face with Matt Haufe scoring the Legends feature victory at Kawartha Speedway on Friday night.

Andre Fiorini won the first heat ahead of Adam Cuthbertson, Miles Tyson, Chuck Hopkins, Andrew McFadden, Andrew Massey, Adam D’Agostino, and the 8.

Matt Haufe won the second heat ahead of Mark Griffin, Cory Richardson, Luke Atkins, Rick Eades, Jeff Drimmie, Hayden Brown, and Shane Pollock.

Alex McCollum won the third heat ahead of Kevin Foisy, Cole McFadden, Terry McCelland, Wes Cuthbertson, Parker Traves, Dawson Drimmie, and Don Arnott.

Fiorini went for the daily double ahead of Tyson, Adam Cuthbertson, Andrew McFadden, Hopkins, Massey, the 8, and Brandon Thurlby.

The fifth heat featured a quick caution when Brown stopped in turn one. Matt Haufe went for the daily double ahead of Griffin, Richardson, Jeff Drimmie, Eades, Atkins, and Pollock.

Cole McFadden won the sixth heat ahead of Foisy, McCollum, Wes Cuthbertson, Traves, McCelland, Dawson Drimmie, and Arnott.

Come feature time, it’d be Andre Fiorini starting pole ahead of Matt Haufe, Kevin Foisy, Alex McCollum, Mark Griffin, Cole McFadden, Adam Cuthbertson, Miles Tyson, Cory Richardson, Wes Cuthbertson, Chuck Hopkins, Andrew McFadden, Rick Eades, Jeff Drimmie, Terry McCelland, and Parker Traves.

There’d be a caution right off the top for McCelland and Dawson Drimmie getting together in turn two.

Matt Haufe grabbed the lead on the restart with Foisy slotting into second ahead of McCollum, Fiorini, Adam Cuthbertson, and Cole McFadden. Cuthbertson would get alongside Fiorini for fourth at Lap 3 ahead of McFadden, Tyson, and Wesley Cuthbertson. As the pair battled, though, the caution flew the next lap for Massey.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Haufe and McCollum as Foisy ran third ahead of Fiorini. Haufe would hold on the charge, with Foisy slotting back into second on Lap 9 ahead of McCollum, Fiorini, Adam Cuthbertson, Tyson, and McFadden. McCollum then got alongside Foisy for the runner-up spot, taking it on Lap 12.

The battle for fifth got interesting on Lap 13 with McFadden, Cuthbertson, and Tyson going three-wide. Unfortunately, it brought contact heading into turn three between Cuthbertson and McFadden. All of the drivers would be okay, with the race called at that point due to the time limit.

Matt Haufe got credited with the win ahead of Alex Collum, Kevin Foisy, Andre Fiorini, and Miles Tyson. Wesley Cuthbertson finished sixth, followed by Chuck Hopkins, Parker Traves, Andrew McFadden, and Mark Griffin. Cory Richardson finished 11th, followed by Rick Eades, Luke Atkins, Jeff Drimmie, Adam D’Agostino, Shane Pollock, Adam Cuthbertson, the 8, Don Arnott, Andrew Massey, Terry McCelland, Dawson Drimmie, and Cole McFadden.

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