Gary McLean Scores Eighth Straight OSCAAR Sunset Speedway Victory

Gary McLean has to be the official king of OSCAAR Modified action at Sunset Speedway, as he scored his eighth straight victory on Monday afternoon.

Cory Horner won the first heat ahead of A.J. Emms, Luke Gignac, Duane Cinnamon, Jason Keen, and Marshall Schrenk.

Gary McLean won the second heat ahead of Chris Milwain, Chad Strawn, Jason Bowden, Billy Zardo, and Jase Cornell.

Cory Horner won the third heat ahead of Gary Elliott, Dale Reinhart, Mike Hearty, David Balych, Jeff Showell, and Wally Wilson.

The fourth heat didn’t go smoothly with Strawn spinning Zardo in turn two on Lap 3. Then Zardo’s weekend would end with heavy contact with the backstretch wall on Lap 5. Luke Gignac picked up the win ahead of Emms, Strawn, Harper, and Cornell.

There’d be a caution on the opening lap of the fifth heat with Bowden going around, collecting Showler in the process. Gary McLean went for the daily double ahead of Hearty, Milwain, Bowden, Balych, and Showler.

The opening lap of the sixth heat didn’t go smoothly, with Cinnamon and Elliott making contact together, followed by hitting the outside frontstretch wall on the opening lap. Cory Horner went for the daily double ahead of Reinhart, Elliott, Schrenk, Keen, and Wilson.

Come feature time, it’d be John Harper starting pole ahead of Chris Milwain, Gary McLean, A.J. Emms, Dale Reinhart, Gary Elliott, Cory Horner, Luke Gignac, Chad Strawn, Mike Hearty, Jason Bowden, David Balych, Jason Keen, Marshall Schrenk, Duane Cinnamon, Jase Cornell, Jeff Showler, and Wally Wilson.

Milwain jumped out to the early lead ahead of Harper, with McLean and Emms side-by-side for third. McLean got the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Emms, with Elliott slotting in line in fifth ahead of Horner, Strawn, Gignac, Hearty, Reinhart, Balych, and Schrenk. The first caution would fly on Lap 5 for an incident involving Cinnamon on the frontstretch.

Milwain got a good restart to keep the lead with McLean moving up into second ahead of Harper, Emms, and Horner as Strawn and Elliott battled for sixth. McLean was able to keep close tabs on Milwain for the lead, getting alongside him at Lap 8, but unable to complete the pass for the time being. The other battle for position, sixth, was sorted out with Strawn able to clear Elliott.

McLean would take another crack at the lead at Lap 13, passing Milwain one lap later for the top spot. Behind them, Harper continued to run third ahead of Emms, Horner, and Strawn. The second caution flew on Lap 16 for Reinhart blowing up entering turn three. With 25 laps to go, McLean led Milwain, Harper, Emms, Horner, Strawn, Gignac, Schrenk, Showler, Keen, Bowden, Cornell, Elliott, and Cinnamon. Hearty would get the lucky dog in 15th ahead of Wilson.

McLean got a good restart ahead of Milwain as Harper and Emms battled for third. Harper got the spot on Lap 18 ahead of Emms, Strawn, Horner, and Gignac. Strawn would then get alongside Emms for fourth at Lap 20, with Gignac getting alongside Horner a lap later. Neither pass would get completed, as the third caution flew for Bowden spinning in turn one and two. With 19 laps to go, McLean led Milwain, Harper, Emms, Strawn, Horner, Gignac, Schrenk, Keen, Showler, Hearty, Cinnamon, Elliott, and Bowden.

McLean got another good restart ahead of Milwain, with Harper and Emms battling for third. However, the yellow flag would wave again, this time for debris in turn three. There’d be another good restart for McLean, but there’d also be a fifth caution on Lap 26 for Cornell spinning in turns one and two.

McLean kept himself on point once again ahead of Milwain, Harper and Emms as Horner and Strawn battled for fifth. Horner would get clear of Strawn, looking for fourth on Emms at Lap 29. Gignac would look to challenge Strawn for sixth, but there would be contact, resulting in Gignac making significant contact with the inside frontstretch wall for the sixth caution at Lap 30. With 11 laps to go, McLean led Milwain, Harper, Emms, Horner, Hearty, Keen, Elliott, Schrenk, Bowden, Elliott, Showler, Cinnamon, and Strawn.

The restart would bring forth the seventh caution as Showler went around. The second attempt went smoothly, with McLean holding the top spot as Harper slotted into second ahead of Milwain. Horner would grab fourth on Lap 33 ahead of Emms and Keen. Hearty would challenge Keen for sixth at Lap 34, but was unable to complete the pass. Instead, it’d be Schrenk challenging Hearty for seventh. Their battle didn’t go smoothly, resulting in the eighth caution on Lap 36 as Schrenk spun Hearty.

Gary McLean got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to scoring the feature victory. Chris Milwain finished second, followed by John Harper, Cory Horner, and A.J. Emms. Jason Keen finished sixth, followed by Gary Elliott, Duane Cinnamon, Jason Bowden, and Mike Hearty. Jase Cornell finished 11th, followed by Jeff Showler and Marshall Schrenk.

The OSCAAR Modifieds will be back in action at Kawartha Speedway on June 1 alongside the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series, Ontario Legends Series, and Bone Stocks. Make sure to come out and check out the great night of racing, remembering to either print or show the coupon to get $5 off your general admission.

Fans are encouraged to check out the OSCAAR website at http://www.oscaar.ca, while following the series across social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By Ashley McCubbin


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