Nic Montanari Jumping into Late Model Division with Both Feet

After a successful string of seasons at the Mini Stock level, Nic Montanari is ready for the next step of his racing career in 2018 as he will partake in Sunset Speedway’s Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Model division.

“This year is going to be a big step,” he said. “I’ll be against the fastest (track) cars I’ve ever driven with some of the best competition in the Provence every week, so we’re making sure to cross our T’s and dot our ‘Is to have everything ready going into this year.”

The decision to move up to the track’s premiere division came as a result of feeling he had accomplished everything he wanted to.

“It wasn’t as interesting anymore,” he said. “Cost wise, I had talked with a driver who was a super stock rookie last year, and he had invested just as much as it would take to put together a late model. So instead of investing twice, I jumped in with both feet and well see how it goes.”

Montanari became one of the main front runners in the Mini Stock division in 2016, walking away with the track championship. Then last year he put himself in position to contend once again winning four features, ultimately placing third in the track point standings.

“I can’t really complain with the results in my previous season, although I didn’t have the luck I’d have hoped for,” he commented. “Looking back at results, the ratio seamed to be 3:1 for “podium to bad luck” ratio. Coming to the end, I was in line for a second championship until all the drama happened at the end of the season.

“My final finishing position was enough to get fourth in the entire division three points and be invited to North Carolina, that was a cool experience for the whole family.”

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Now entering the 2018 season, Montanari is keeping his goals in perspective, hoping to post as strong of a finish as possible without tearing up much equipment.

“It’s not worth wrecking the car for a spot and we’re not a big budget team,” he commented. “If I wreck the car, it doesn’t get sent down to a chassis builder; it comes back to our garage to start the rebuild process. It would be really cool to go for the Whelen Rookie award, so we’ll be keeping an eye on those point standings.”

He knows it isn’t going to be an easy transition, noting the challenge in now going from a front-wheel drive car to a rear-wheel drive car.

“There’s defiantly a different style to adapt to,” he noted. “My previous car did drive a lot like a RWD car, and almost all of my street cars/hot rods have been rear wheel drive, so it isn’t a foreign platform to me by any means.”

As the team continues to finalizes everything prior to the season opener at Sunset Speedway on May 5, they are continuing to search for marketing partners for the upcoming season. Those who are entered in exploring those options may contact Montanari at

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