Great Lakes Concrete Series

Lane Zardo “Looking for Nothing But Victories” Entering 2018

Regarded as one of the most talented young talents in the province of Ontario, Lane Zardo is set to take a unique approach to his 2018 racing season, with a bit of racing everywhere currently on the table.

“My plans that are set in stone is to run three APC touring series races in a McColl (Racing Enterprises) car,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “I’ll also be competing in the Great Lakes Concrete Series, which has three races at Sunset International Speedway, and three at Sauble Speedway. I’ve had the chance to talk with other great car owners, but nothing else is for sure yet! You can also catch me at Sunset every NASCAR sanctioned night to play crew chief for my brother (Billy Zardo)’s season.”

With a unique approach to the year, it’s no surprise that the focus will be on “looking for nothing but victories,” following an off-season of hard work giving his racing program a complete makeover.

Zardo was set for his Pro Late Model debut last year and qualified well for the Fall Brawl event at Jukasa Motor Speedway, but was sidelined with mechanical issues before the start of the event. That said, the three APC Auto Parts United Late Model Series of Ontario events he is set for this year are high on the anticipation list.

“Sunset is the season opener, and it’s my home track. It’ll be cool to take place at one of their biggest events,” he said. “I’ve also never ran Delaware Speedway. That will be cool as I’m going to Sunset for my brother on Saturday, and Sauble on Sunday.”

On the limited late model side, Zardo has put together a lot of experience the past couple seasons, including a trip to victory lane two years ago. Despite running a shortened schedule in 2017, he was able to score seven top-10 finishes.

“We haven’t been the most prepared the last two years,” he admitted. “Running a two car Late Model team is a full-time job, and both years we fell behind the eight ball very early. We’re excited with our scheduled races because we know we can unload ready to win now.”

The Limited Late Model should create intrigue with the fans, as the division is taking a shift this year. Along with the new Great Lakes Concrete Series, the tires are being changed from eight-inch to 10-inch. With the changes, Zardo says the state of the division is something that will hard to dictate until a few weeks into the season.

“Sauble now is NASCAR sanctioned,” he added. “It’s a little more expensive now, but I think you’ll see a lot of people there racing for NASCAR points. As of the rules, hopefully the tire and Carburetor rule keeps everyone on a level playing field and we can save on tires.”


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