Flamboro Speedway

Ayrton Returns to Flamboro with Fireball 5 Racing

Coming off a solid rookie campaign, Jonathan Ayrton will once again be driving for the Fireball 5 Racing Team at Flamboro Speedway this season.  However, it won’t be the same car as the team has switched from a front-wheel drive car, to a rear-wheel drive car following some driver input.

“I hope to have a break out year on both dirt and asphalt,” Jonathan Ayrton said. “Continue our strong finishes from 2017 and use that momentum to kick 2018 off right with consistent finishes. Most importantly, I hope we are able to finally reel in that illusive first feature win and put my name in the Fireball 5 Racing history books.”

In having the success, Ayrton will be hopeful of being one of the drivers to contend for a top finishing spot at the “STOCK” Car Nationals.

“I think the event will do wonders for Flamboro speedway,” he said. “It’s one of the highest paying events all year. Where else can you race for $1000 to win plus all the lap and contingency money? This event will bring the best of the best to Famboro along with a bunch of new faces. What more could you ask for as a fan? Nothing!”

Last year, Ayrton was able to have a lot of success, on both asphalt and dirt, feeling no matter when he rolled off the trailer on dirt, he was fast and consistent.

:We hit our stride at Humberstone Speedway never finishing outside of the top-five and leading majority of laps in the biggest races there,” he said. “Asphalt was incredible; we took a car from being at the back of the field getting lapped 10 laps into a race to leading laps and having numerous top-five finishes.”

Looking back on the season, he feels the biggest thing he learned moving forward is going to be patience.

“On dirt, you have so much room to make the pass and the margin for error is big; if you get into trouble you’ve got room to collect yourself and get straight,” he commented. “On asphalt, we’re so much closer that one little bobble, you can take half the field out with you. I found myself a few times trying to make a pass and costing myself positions and time not making them stick. I realize taking my time to make that pass when you are confident it will stay is better.”

While not growing in a racing family, that didn’t stop Ayrton from following in love with racing as a child.

“My family never had the means to get me into racing when I was younger,” he said. “When I started working I was able to help pay for it, and started racing go-karts at 15 at Cameron Speedway. After a few years, I transitioned into Mini Stocks at Ohsweken Speedway where I have called home for over almost 10 years.”

Looking back, Ayrton said his first career heat win a few years ago was his most memorable moment, giving him “first taste of winning and I couldn’t get enough from there.”


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