Flamboro Speedway

Kaitlyn Wallace Ready for Sophomore Campaign at Flamboro

After a solid rookie campaign at Flamboro Speedway, Kaitlyn Wallace will return to the oval with hopes of an even stronger season.

“I feel as though the 2018 season will be filled with lots of new and exciting memories,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “There is lots of new things coming Flamboro’s way from Wallace Racing.”

Entering 2018, she says her goals are to score a few top-five finishes, with her sight set on scoring at least one feature victory by year-end. Of course, one of the events that everybody will having an eye on the No. 45 Mustang will be Flamboro’s “STOCK” Car Nationals as her sponsor Wallace Contracting is sponsoring laps on both dates.

Photo Courtesy of Wallace Racing

“I think this event is going to be amazing,” she said. “It’ll be great experience for race car drivers out there and will definitely be a great show for the fans! I also believe it’ll be really fun for the drivers, it’ll be quite the challenge.”

For her rookie campaign, she was solid on a weekly basis, placing sixth in the year-end standings with 19 top-10 finishes.

“Last year honestly was an amazing year for me,” she said. “Being my first year ever driving a race car and it was so successful and full of experience. I learned so much and grew as a person and a driver. It definitely is one of the best things that I’ve gotten into. By the end of the season, I finished sixth in points out of about 16-18 cars which also put me the highest rookie in the points so I won Rookie of the Year. It was a great way to end my first season.”

Looking back, she noted the most memorable moment was leading the field at the beginning of an event, saying it was “the most exciting moment of my racing career to this day.” She also added the biggest thing she learned was to not let other people ruin her night.

“There are lots of people out there that try to blame me for accidents or scenarios that happened which I had no part in,” she commented. “I can’t let that ruin my night and take my confidence away!”

For Wallace, racing is something that has always been in her blood. Her father raced when he was younger, along with her mom’s brothers Alex and Jim Nagy, and Wallace’s grandpa Al Nagy Sr.

“Many years ago, my cousins Hudson and Carson Nagy got into go-karting which ultimately led them to stock car racing,” she recalled. “In the winter of 2016, after my cousins had moved up a few times in divisions, I ended up with their Mini Stock. And now here we are!”

On top of being set for success on track, Wallace Racing is set to kick off their “Disqualify the Stigma” campaign at Flamboro Speedway, to bring awareness to mental health.

“With personally knowing the effects of mental illness I believe that it really needs to get put out in the spotlight and made more known,” she said. “There will be more details at a later time.”


Thanks to Rich Schwartzenburg for reaching out to Kaitlyn Wallace for the interview.

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