Between being behind the wheel of his Legend and Super Stock, Miles Tyson was very busy all season long in 2017, experiencing some success along the way. Recently, I caught up with Tyson to talk about the year, as well as his outlook for 2018.

SHORT TRACK MUSINGS: What are your thoughts looking back on the season?

MILES TYSON: Looking back at my season this year, I would say it was good but wasn’t the best at the same time. Every weekend we came out looking for a win, but always had bad luck. We got the first win with the Super Stock and was close so many times with the legend. The goal for next year is to come back stronger and faster, and more confident then last year and go get some wins. We got the cars to do it; we just need the luck behind us

STM: What was your most memorable moment of the year?

MT: I would have to say at Velocity weekend with the Legend car losing by a foot. I’ve never worked so hard for a win like that in my life. It’s fun racing up there with Kevin Foisy and Matt Haufe. You always know there gonna be on their A-game and bring the best stuff they got, and just seeing the reaction of my parents in how happy they were really made my night.

STM: What was it like for you going back and forth between the two cars?

MT: Going back and forth was different I must say, but I look back on it and think to myself it makes you a better driver jumping back and forth. You go from the short wheel base with lots of power for such a light car, and then get into the thunder – big heavy car and lot more power. But it’s a blast racing both

STM: So, what’s the plan for 2018 now?

MT: I think were gonna race the Legend car full-time between the east side and the west side for the championship, and hopefully earn another chance to go to Vegas. Then were gonna race the Thunder Car for the specials.

STM: What is your favourite track to race at?

MT: I would have to say Peterborough. I love the one-groove low grip tracks that are hard to pass on. I don’t know why, but I love it; I’ve always been able to go there and my cars have always been quick there. I think my driving style suits that track really well.

STM: Going back in time. how did you get started in racing?

MT: My mom and dad grew up around a race track. My dad used to help John Buchanan and my mom grew up at the race track with my Popa racing an alcohol funny car, so I have it in my background a bit. But when I was seven, I came home one night and my dad told me he signed me up to race go-karts at Goodwood Kartways. He made a bet with me the first weekend I raced that if I won my first race, he would buy me my first go-kart. Well, I won it and it just went from there. We started racing competitively the year after and it just grew and got bigger till where we are now.

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