OSCAAR Mod Teams Prepare for an Intense 2018 Season

The OSCAAR Mods teams, put on the best in racing in 2017 as they toured the tracks of Southern Ontario. The 2018 schedule will see the teams ready to thrill the fans “Open Wheel Style” with jammed pack schedule.

The series will kick off the season as part of the Spring Velocity event at Sunset Speedway. With the competition at an all time high, teams will have to start thinking 2018 Championship from the very first heat race. After the 40 lap feature who will be able to hold bragging rights as the first feature winner of the season?

Kawartha Speedway will then play host to the series for the first time on June 1st. Last years event saw a field of 26 mods take the green field, and that count could easily be broken this year. The returning veterans will have to keep their eyes on the rookies as they all have experience at Kawartha Speedway.

June 16th will be the date that all OSCAAR Mods will have circled on their calendar as the series has been invited to Jukasa Speedway. With the opportunity to compete at the premier facility along side the NASCAR Pintys series is a great compliment to the drivers and teams of the OSCAAR Mods. All eyes will be on Jukasa Speedway that weekend for a great night of racing.

The fire works will continue on July 1st as the series will return to Sunset Speedway for the second time of the 2018 season. The 2018 points chase will start to take shape, and who will be on top? Who will be looking to rebound? Will there be any surprises as someone sneaks in to steal the spot light?

Friday the 13th is going to prove lucky for 3 OSCAAR Mod drivers as the series returns to Kawartha Speedway for the second time in 2018. The event is being billed as “The Triple Down Event” as each of the top three feature finishers will each receive $1000.00 in prize money. To end the month the series will make their 2018 debut at Flamboro Speedway for a 40 lap feature event.

The Chase for the Colours is next at Peterborough for the OSCAAR Mod teams. This event will see the top two feature finishers lock themselves onto the front row for the season ending Autumn Colours Event at the 1/3 mile paved oval. Two OSCAAR Mod drivers will be resting much better after Peterborough event as they series heads to Sauble Beach on August 11th to enjoy some nice summer weather and a perfect opportunity to work on that tan! The series will next compete on August 25th at Flamboro Speedway as the nights start to get cooler, but the action on track stays hot.

Labour day signals the end of summer, school is starting, but there is time for one more exciting weekend at the Beach as Sauble Speedway is set to host two events to close off the summer. To help with those back to school costs, Sauble Speedway has offered up an extra $1000.00 points fund for this event.

With the three play off events left to decided the 2018 Championship, the teams will have to put everything they have left in the tank to perform well at each event. Sunset Speedway starts playoff season on September 22nd and 23rd . Frost Fest is next on the line at Flamboro Speedway on Septemeber 29th. Teams will then pack up the camper and head to Peterborough Speedway to close off the season at Autumn Colours weekend.

Modified racing has risen back to the for front of racing in Ontario and fans cannot get enough of the open wheel excitement. 2017 proved to be an exciting season, but trust me you have not seen nothing yet as 2018 is going to be intense!

2018 Schedule: May 19th -20th Spring Velocity Sunset Speedway, June 1st Kawartha Speedway, June 16th Jukasa Speedway, July 1st Sunset Speedway, July 13th Kawartha Speedway, July 28th Flamboro Speedway, August 4th Peterborough Speedway, August 11th Sauble Speedway, August 25th Flamboro Speedway, September 1st-2nd Sauble Speedway, September 22nd -23rd Fall Velocity Sunset Speedway, September 29th Frost Fest Flamboro Speedway, October 5th-7th Autumn Colours Peterborough Speedway


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